The Red Ring of Death, or RROD, has become notorious since the debut of the Xbox 360. There are warning signs that will clue you in case you may be heading toward the RROD error. This error should not be taken lightly as the only way to fix it and retain your warranty is to ship it back to Microsoft and have it serviced. This process can take up to 2 months and in some cases may require the console to be replaced. This is why during that time in order to pass your time you have Situs Pkv Games that offer you really fun and engaging games that you can try. Moreover, if you have the required skills you can even earn some money online. 

Some warning signs are a static sound at random intervals during gameplay, a disc not readable message at startup and weird screen graphic problems might also occur. If your console is facing any of the problems as mentioned above, make haste. You need to immediately fix these problems to avoid further damage to your gaming console.

Many people have experienced the Red Ring of Death. Some of the methods used to repair it that are available on the internet are ridiculous and should never be used under any circumstances. One outrageous method circulating around the internet is to wrap the console’s hard disc in a towel and then heat the unit in a microwave oven for a fixed period of time. This method should never be used as it will only cause damage to the entire hard disc rendering it useless. The hard drive will have to be replaced.

If the gaming console is still under warranty, you should immediately speak to a Microsoft helpline representative. They will send out a postage-paid shipping container for you to send your Xbox. This process takes 2 to 4 weeks. 5 weeks is the longest turnaround I have heard of. If you are beyond the warranty period of the console, you have two options. The first one is to repair the console yourself or to employ one of the many independent Xbox repairmen on Craigslist and the second is to send the console to Microsoft for repair at your own expense. This will still take up to 2 to 4 weeks and also requires a $140 repair fee. This is my preferred method of bringing the 360 back to life as I have never had any problems with Microsoft’s repairs and they are quite reputable.

Search your phonebook or Craigslist for Microsoft authorized repairmen, or opt for a non-authorized person to save money. These sometimes quick fixes range in price from $10 to $80. Either way in order to prevent this error from happening, keep your console off of carpet even when in the standing position and keep it clean from dust and allow 4 to six inches of space on all sides of the Xbox. Although it has not been proven to stop the error from occurring you may also invest in an Xbox cooling device. These can be found at most video game retailers. The use of canned air on a regular basis is also recommended. Follow these steps to ensure a long life for your Xbox 360 console.


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