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A few years ago I was vacationing in Atlantic City as I do several times a year. Back then I mainly played table games and was only an occasional Slot player since I never really did that great on them. One afternoon while taking a walk on the boardwalk, I ran into one of my old high school buddies that I haven’t seen in many years. After chatting for a while talking about the good old days, he claimed that he was in Atlantic City making money playing Slot machines.

At first, I had no idea what he meant by this. After talking a little more, he started to give me the impression that he has found ways to really win at Slots. Of course, I thought he was just joking at first until he pulled out a couple of his old casino employee I.D. cards. He proceeded to then tell me that he was a Slot Technician for years a couple of casinos and have found to win on the same machines he worked on most of his life. At this point, he definitely got my attention in what he had to say especially after flashing his I.D. cards, but I was still skeptical that anyone can really beat Slots.

To my surprise, he was willing to show me his secret Slot winning techniques right in the casino to prove that what he knew was for real. While walking to a nearby casino, I even asked him about some old concepts that I have heard about that supposed to work. You know the ones: play machines at entrances, feel the coins if they’re warm or cold, play a machine that someone else lost quite a bit on, etc. He replied that these kinds of ideas may have worked decades ago on the older mechanical machines but they are sure useless on today’s modern computerized models.¬†

¬†Anyway, after being in a nearby casino for just a few minutes, he then picked out a couple of machines right next to each other and he said he was going to show me how to play. Yes, that’s right! He was going to show me how to play! I had no idea at first what he meant by this.

The only way I knew of how to play Slots was to simply plunk in the coins, pull the handle, and just hope for the best. Boy, was I wrong? Big time! If you think as I did for years that there is no skill needed when playing Slots or the only way to win was by just pure luck, then this never-before-seen information I am about to offer you will immediately change your mind on that! I learned more about how to win at Slots that day than everything I have ever heard of or read about before! My Slot Technician friend showed me things that were simply amazing! All I knew is that in less than an hour of play, his exact way while he sat right next to me, I ended up turning forty bucks into over a hundred, almost tripling my money!!! I couldn’t believe it! I thought maybe I just got lucky on a “good or loose” machine. But he explained that I won NOT because of the machine but the way I played it which made all the difference in the world! That same day we even played many different types of other machines at several different casinos and I won, again and again, accumulating a bundle in winnings from the same machines that usually grind me out.

And what impressed me the most was that I won without getting lucky by hitting some jackpot along the way. He said when that happens my hourly profits will skyrocket! I was amazed I won this time because of pure skill! He was right all along! It wasn’t just because of the specific machines that I played causing me to win, but the way I played them! I knew this since I even started picking out some machines on my very own and still won!!!


Claire Bennett is a self-taught poker player and is looking for different ways through which she can share her experience and poker tips with other enthusiasts.