Gambling and problems you can face

The first thing that should be pointed out here is that not all gambling is as problematic as its thought to be. The only time that it becomes problematic is when it has reached the compulsive stage or when it has become addictive. It is a commonly known fact that gambling is highly addictive and is often regarded as a combination of social stressing factors and vulnerabilities. The problems that result can really be harmful to the gambler and the people that are around him in various ways. They are affected psychologically, socially and financially among other factors. It is extremely vital that we examine each of the problems that result from gambling extensively.

The first problem that has been identified is that of financial hardships. Many gamblers usually finance their gambling activities with everything they have. They go to great lengths to get the money to finance these activities and they often don’t care about maxing out their credit cards or taking out loans. In some extreme cases, gambling can also lead to bankruptcy.

A second problem that has been identified is child neglect. Many gamblers often do not care about anything else apart from their gambling activities. It has been reported that over 72 children have been abandoned in casinos in just about 14 months. In addition, research has also established that children of gamblers are more likely to display behavior of substance abuse and depression.

Gambling has also been known to cause problems of job loss. As a result of excess gambling, gamblers are often not able to function properly and as a result, they often miss work. It is essential to note that loss of a job could also negatively impact the financial aspect of it all. The players are guided about the problems coming in playing poker at online platform. There is an increase in the bank balance of the people to get the desired results. The problems are solved with the intelligence and skills of the players to have the effective benefits. 

Another problem that has been identified is domestic violence. It has been established that the emotional problems and strain that accompany gambling activities could indeed lead to domestic violence. Research has established that areas with casinos are more likely to have many cases of domestic violence and felony crimes.

Substance abuse is also another problem that accompanies gambling activities. It has been reported that people with gambling problems often have drug problems as well

Divorce is often common among couples that are facing problems with gambling. Research has established that the divorce rate in non-gamblers is about 18%, while in gamblers, it’s about 30%. It is, therefore, clear that gamblers have a higher divorce rate.

Problem gamblers also often have problems with crime. As has been stated, gamblers usually go to extra lengths to finance their activities. Some of them even turn to crime to do so. Some of the common crimes that they commit include forgery and embezzlement among others.

Another problem that gamblers usually face is suicide. According to research, 10% of gamblers or their spouses attempt to commit suicide.

Personality changes are also another problem that many gamblers face.


Claire Bennett is a self-taught poker player and is looking for different ways through which she can share her experience and poker tips with other enthusiasts.