By far one of the most confusing poker lies affecting poker for women, considering the popularity of the game in the 21st century– prime time stints on ESPN, the Travel Channel & the Game Show Network alone should have quelled this concern for the masses– but you still get asked things like, “uh… is poker legal?” or, more often, “uh… isn’t online poker illegal?” Sigh… is poker legal

The Poker Lies that plant the seed that poker is illegal, or that online poker is illegal, brings up the issue of ethics and, as such, has hurt poker for women who feel a conflict between playing poker and doing “what’s right”.

No. Poker is NOT illegal. In fact, in the entire history of the United States, no one has ever been charged, brought to trial, convicted or sentenced for playing poker… online like judi bola terpercaya or otherwise. Phew!

What’s more, back in February of 2009, despite poker lies and poker myths abounding, a research study showed that at least 10 million Americans had logged on to play online poker for real money. Later studies have estimated that the true numbers were likely double that amount, if not more.

FYI… What IS illegal is running an [illegal] underground gambling operation– this would include running a home poker game for real money IF the house was collecting a rake (fee from each pot) from the players. So no shenanigans you guys. Keep it legit!

The existence of this particular poker lie may be due to people confusing legalization with regulation.

“Make online poker legal? It already is!” -Alfonse D’Amato, Former Senator of New York and poker advocate

Although there is not much question regarding legality, what is hanging in the air (as this is being written) is federal regulation (read: taxation). According to my and many other sources (Google it if you like), the regulation of online poker (on a federal level) is a matter of when… not if. And what a win-win-win day that will be! Our country wins (billions of dollars in annual tax revenue!), business wins (rumors that big names like Google, Zynga and Harrah’s are to open big new domestic online poker sites!), and the people win. Regulation will mean more games, more traffic, more fun, more profit potential, more safety, etc.

It is my personal theory that had poker not been so alienating to women in the past (their marketing tactics alone were enough to make me throw up on my Jimmy Choos!), then regulation would have happened forever ago. Again, just my personal opinion.

The sooner “the poker world” embraces women and treats them as equals– and makes a bigger effort to include and educate them on the game… the sooner things will move on Capitol Hill (again, with federal reg, not legality– I cleared that up right?).


Claire Bennett is a self-taught poker player and is looking for different ways through which she can share her experience and poker tips with other enthusiasts.