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It is always said that turn is the most important round of betting but you should not neglect the flop. This is because though the turn is always more expensive but then it is flop, where, if you make mistakes then that would culminate in further mistakes and you would end up being on the losing side after committing mistakes on the turn and on the river. You can often see that you made a weak draw on the flop and hit it on the turn and then lose a better hand and a bad mistake on the flop would cost you several bets. Thus it is very important to know how to play the flop successfully. You need to know about the services of the Online Casino for the playing of the games. The implementation of the correct tips is essential to have the desired results. The meeting of the needs and requirements of the people is possible for the gamblers.

Here are some of the tips:

Know the strength of your hand: It is very important to know how strong your hand is. If you know that your hand is strong then you need to know whether you want to have extra protection for it. Also you need to consider whether you can slowplay or if you are drawing then what should be the strength of the draw?

Know the type of flop: You should consider primarily whether your hand in each type of slot is strong or not. Do not forget that the flops like high or low pair, three connected, three-suited and all the high cards can prove dangerous unless you can have a very strong hand in all these. Even the two related high cards and the two-suited flops are also dangerous and you can be forced to fold in most weak draws.

The opponents: Whenever you play against many opponents there are chances that one of your oppnents might have a strong hand. When you are playing against three opponents then you must know whether any of them have a strong hand or not by checking their bets. Against more opponents you have to limit your play and play cautiously to strong hands or strong draws and never think of bluffs when you are against more than two opponents.

Determining the possible hands of opponents: This you can do by considering the preflop betting, the positions of the opponents and the betting that they have done till date. The moment you realize their possible hands then you can judge your strength. Always remember to evaluate that there is a possibility that your draw can be counterfeited. This would help you.

Size of the pot: Your strategy should always consider the size of the pot. If you have a strong hand then you can take the chance of slow play in a small pot but when it is a large pot then you should always play strongly. Always the pot size plays a part in determining your tactics to protect a weak hand. In large pots you can have better pot odds than the small pots.

Cost or the potential cost of the bet: If you have to pay for two bets then your pot odds decrease to a large extent and therefore you should constantly evaluate your position in respect to the other players in the pot. When you are playing flops then you should always try to find the best strategy based on the cost of the pot.

Tips To Play The Turn

The turn is considered to be the most difficult round since the bets become doubled and the true strengths of the hands are disclosed. You can see players often call a cheap bet on the flops especially in two pair, gut shot straights and so on but when they are playing turns you would find them immediately folding these hands and the reason is that the betting becomes expensive and if you commit any mistake that can be very costly. Here are some tips to play the turn successfully.

Becoming th aggressor with strong hands:

You should always use a strong hand when you are confident of it and you feel that it is your best hand. When you are using your strong hand early then you should consider two options and these are either you bet out or you should try for a check-raise. You should carry on with betting when you are not sure what your opponent will bet since a free card can be really dangerous. But when you are against many opponents and that too in a large pot then you should try checking. It is a strategy which might help you check-raise and drive out all your other opponents. A check-raise would help you gain extra bets against your opponents. You can force your opponent to bet a weak hand that they might want to fold or call them a check-raise. Checking would also help you more equity for future. If you check-raise a lot then your opponents would not dare to steal more since they would be in fear of check-raise and you can get a tree card and improve your weaker hand in turn.

When you can be the aggressor with weak hands:

In many situations you can find that your hand is weak and then you have to decide whether you should go on betting or back off. Then you should consider the following before taking a decision.

  1. i) The opponents: You can think about semi-bluff against one or two opponents but not against three or more
  2. ii) The board type: The board and the position and the previous betting of your opponents would indicate the type of hand that you have against you. Also you should consider whether they have strong or weak draws. If you are betting out then you can win against weak draws.

iii) Opponent type: You should never bluff too much against weak opponents who tend to call to the river with various hands. If you are against a strong opponent then you would have better success rate as the opponent would respect your turn bet and you can find the person folding the weak draws.

  1. iv) Your own position: You might often tend to act early and that would mean that you are using a strong hand against one or two opponents which might prove risky sometimes. You should always weight the possibility of winning the pot immediately by betting if you are thinking about calling a turn bet. But remember there is always a risk that an opponent will raise and your draw would become more expensive.

Raising the turn:

When you have a strong hand in turn, then it is always better to show your strength by raising the turn as it is a good round. It would help you get more money in the pot and always provide you with a semi-bluff opportunity and you can also protect your weak hand. You can also use the semi-bluff raise that can help you have a good draw against two opponents.

Tips To Play The River

River is the betting game which is quite different from the others since here you get to see all the cards. Thus you can understand from the beginning whether you have a strong hand or a medium hand or only a decent hand. This is the reason for which you would find most players taking quick decisions in this game without thinking much about the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. It is not always correct step to take. Here are some tips that would help you play the river perfectly and become a winner too. Here are the tips that would help you become successful.

Never fold the winning hand: It is often seen that players fold the winning hand on the river. This is one of the costliest mistakes that are made by one player. You should always keep in mind that when you have winning hand then you can have the power to call important pot odds. If you can have good pot odds then it is always right to call it on the river when you feel that you can win the hand. Also in the river you should not show your hand reading skills unless you are very good at it. On the other hand you should not waste bets just to see whether your opponent has got a better hand. You can fold weak hands only if you have a tight player against whom you can be confident enough and also the player who never bluffs. But if you are playing against a tricky player then it is better not to fold the hands and evaluate all the sequences even if you think about doing it.

Need of folding for saving bets: This might confuse you as earlier it was said that it is better to call on the river but then it is sometimes fine to fold especially when you want to save bets after finding that you are having a losing hand. You would often find that players want to find the winning hands of the opposition. You should not repeat this mistake. It is something dangerous and it can be your worst enemy and in the bargain you might lose a full bet. You should make one big bet per hour and the tricky part is to know when you should do the folding. For this you should take into consideration the type of board, the type of opponent and the beting sequences. If you find that the opponent has a better hand then you should fold to save the bet. However, you should always keep in mind the pot odds before taking the decision.

Never bet to gain bets always: It is a very common mistake when you raise the bet thinking that you have a better hand. You should only bet or raise a good hand when you are absolutely sure that you have at least 50% chance of winning. It might often happen that you bet and your opponent player folds. This will not give you any benefit.

Throwing a roll the time wager on the pink arising, then on a one-zero European roulette table you lead your workers inside the occasion. These can be found electronically on-line, and are playing wouldn’t make Online Betting Tips Football it proper. Online Betting Tips Football Online Betting Tips Football as an example, I like watching the game from your laptop Online Betting Tips allen matkins leck gamble and mallory Football software program. As thrilling the constructive sign for the underside in the event you’ve acquired in at $20 and made tens of one thousand’s. I will take that in a heartbeat.

The implementation of the correct tips is essential for selecting the best 메이저사이트 for the playing of the games. The tips will provide success to the gamblers at the safe and secure playing ground. There are plenty of reasons available for playing at the online gambling platform. 

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Binary option betting is a new trading experience to attain trading success by limiting the risks. It is an easy and a straightforward way to make money. One of the most attractive ways of betting on markets is binary options betting. All a trader needs to do to succeed is to place a market with high statistical possibility or look for a situation that has a scope of high statistical chance of winning. With only two possible outcome- profit or loss, binary options betting works very fast.

There are plenty of options available at the online casino for the playing and winning of more cash. The understanding of the options and features is essential to get more 꽁머in the bank account. A pleasant experience is available to the players to have more real cash. 

For example, a trader estimates that the price of FTSE will close up at the end of the day, so he prefers buying and thus the bet settles at 100 if FTSE finishes up. On the contrary if it closes down, then the bet settles at zero. Binary bets are always quoted in two ways that is ‘bid and offer’.

Binary option betting is a simple way to articulate one’s opinion on market movements. A trader simply has to bet money on the movement of the market price as to whether it will move up or down within a fixed time period. To make the minimum bet, the amount required is only £0.50 or $0.50 and the amount for maximum bet is £10 or $10. The amount deposited for the binary bets is equivalent to the maximum loss on that bet. For example, if a trader places a $5 wager that the value of oil will decline in the next few minutes and if his estimation is correct, he wins the bet. But for instance if his estimation goes wrong; the maximum he loses is $5 bet amount.

Thus the trader’s initial bet amount determines how mush he wins or loses. Let’s say that a trader sets £10 real money bet that the price of FTSE 100 index will fall in the next sixty minutes. After this predetermined time, if the price of FTSE 100 is indeed lower, then his payout will be £17 which will automatically be supplemented to his real money balance. The trader can always act to hedge the market once his account starts showing consistent winnings. Hence it creates an opportunity for him to improve his profits. In order to minimize the probability of risks to a large extent, the call and put options are to be used wisely. So if binary option betting is carried out properly, it increases the chances of making huge profits.

Like other hedging strategies, binary option betting has a great impact on the risk taken next to one’s total investment. Knowing that the binary bets expire hourly or by the end of the day, if the price per share moves in the direction estimated by the trader, he earns a profit. Again it is the trader who decides whether to hold the share or sell it before the expiry period.

Binary option betting is one of the best options betting to make good money within a short span of time. Being simple and easy, it is an excellent way to add extra earnings to one’s bank account.

Those who enjoy trading the cryptocurrency, known as Bitcoins, are now placing bets on some optimistic investors that are looking to save Bitcoin trading giant Mt.Gox. Their hopes have been elevated as there is an 11th hour bid to save the Bitcoin giant from Japanese bankruptcy court.

The understanding of the truth and reality behind the working of the Bitcoin roulette is essential for the bitcoin traders. There is saving of the time and money of the players. You need to gather complete details about it to get desired results at the bitcoin platform. 

What is this attempt to save Mt.Gox about? It is about the virtual currency trying to save the value, or what is left of it, of its own so called ecosystem. The firm behind this attempt, called Sunlot, has also issued an online petition to attract investors to help back a plan to save this, once huge, Bitcoin giant. Still, success is not a foregone conclusion, and could be a ways off if at all successful.

Sending a Message to the Public and Regulators

To date the group has only offered a token 1 Bitcoin for Mt.Gox but is looking to correctly assess its value through an auditor to quantify any liabilities. If successful in its bid, this could send a very powerful message not only to the public but regulatory bodies around the world. They are telling creditors, that if successful, they will relaunch the exchange with better security features. They also want to pledge some revenue to help recover some assets lost by investors and creditors thanks to Mt.Gox.

So far, Sunlot’s ambitious plan has attracted more than 70 percent of the creditors backing MtGox. This is their opportunity to tell the world that Bitcoin trading firms, and the Bitcoin world, does not need government bailouts. Their own community is self-healing.

MtGox Declares Bankruptcy

Back in February, of this year, Mt.Gox said it lost 850,000 bitcoins totaling $500 million. They were later able to recover 200,000 coins. This announcement came just before it filed for bankruptcy. After the matter is investigated by the courts, a decision is set for May 9. It is expected that Mt.Gox will be liquidated by the court and its assets to be acquired. Right now, according to a statement by Mt.Gox, there is now plans to restart the business and their website, aside from an account log in, remains closed.

Enter Sunlot, which has a wide range of experienced investors including Brock Pierce and Jonathan Yantice, experienced online businessmen. They also have venture capital giants like William Quigley from Clearstone Venture Partners and Mathew Roszak from Silk Road Equity. Quigley specializes in internet, gaming and communication investments and Roszak has experience with over $1 billion in investments over his career. Yantis works for Gaming Entertainment, Ltd which sells virtual in game gold for online games.

Binary Options Take For the Day

Right now Bitcoins are trading at $503.80 with some stability. They are in a flat trading range but gained nearly 7 percent on the last trading day. There is always a huge chance of volatility in this market which makes it hard to gauge direction.


There is so much uncertainty in Bitcoins. The world of virtual, online cryptocurrency, is viable and the door has been open. The question is, will it be Bitcoins or another virtual currency that takes hold and transforms the online payment world? Sound off in comments below.

It sounds counter-intuitive but it truly doesn’t matter who wins the money in any particular hand of poker.

The real winner is the player who made the choice that would win if repeated over and over again.

Positive Expected Value Wins Over Time

You are playing at your regular Friday night game with your friends. You get dealt AA and go all-in pre flop against pocket nines.

They hit a nine on the flop for a set and you lose all your money. Did you really lose?

In truth, your bet was +EV or had a positive expectation. You might have lost one time but if you repeat this same bet 100 times, you will win most of the money in the end.

In fact, the more times you repeat it, the closer it will come to winning the 81% that the odds say should win.

I used PokerStove to simulate 100 million hands of AA vs. 99. After just a few hundred hands, the win rate with AA stablilizes around 81% and after 100 million it is 80.861%.

The point it, you should always try to get your money in when you have the best odds. You are bound to lose sometimes and that can be frustrating. But keep making those +EV choices and you will win in the long run.

It’s Not Just The Cards, Every Choice Has Expected Value

Poker is not simply just about the odds of the cards.

If I notice that the player to my left folds his blind 90% of the time, then it is +EV for me to raise to steal his blind with any two cards. As long as he doesn’t adjust, the more I make this choice the more I profit. The 1 in 10 times he calls or raises my steal, I can fold and still profit because I have stolen his blinds the other 9 times.

However, if I try to steal the blinds with any two cards from a player who defends his blind 90% of the time, I am making a -EV choice and should probably tighten up so the hand I’m playing post flop are stronger on average like they should be.

Every choice you make has an expected value. Learning what choices are +EV and which are -EV is an important skill for every poker player.

Understand The Concept Not The Calculation

If you hate math or aren’t good at it, you should really focus on understanding the concept of positive and negetive expectation.

You don’t need to be able to make the calculations exactly to be good at poker. You just have to be able to apply the concept at the critical times and have a good feel for the approximate odds.

Why Do Casinos Always Make Money?

Have you ever noticed that casino’s make a lot of money?

They make enough to pay for all of the lights, slot machines, free drinks and comps, prizes and events, etc.

If it depended on luck, how could casinos stay in business?

The truth is some people get lucky and others don’t, but in the end, the slot machines are programmed to payout something like 95% of the money they take in.

When you play a slot machine you have a negetive expectation and the casino has a positve expectation. You might be lucky and win in a few hundred or even thousand of plays, but eventually you will lose and the casino will win.

Play Poker Like You Are A Casino

When you are playing poker, your only main goal is always to make choices with positive expectation and avoid choices with negetive expectation.

When you make mostly +EV choices, you are the house or casino, guaranteed to make a profit if you continue to make those choices.

When you make -EV choices, you are the sucker pumping money into the slot machines. You are going to get lucky sometimes, and unlucky other times, but in the long run you will lose money because you keep making choices with negetive expectation. So, for preparing yourself you should always check onto some Internet Casino.


Every game required skill and knowledge to know about it. If you don’t know the game and don’t have a practice on it, you won’t be able to play it perfectly. But in case of poker, you need to know the skills, besides this luck also plays a role here. Addition will be the experience you have in poker and gambling industry.

California Three Card Poker is a form of Three Card Poker played primarily in some casinos in the Los Angeles area. Most of the rules of California Three Card Poker are the same as in the traditional game, but there are a few changes that make the game unique.

The บาคาร่า Lucabet is the best site available to the people for the playing of poker games. There are varieties of games provided to the gamblers to have a pleasant experience. They can choose a game according to their requirement and need to have winning experience. 

The game starts the same way. Dealing from a regular 52-card deck, the dealer gives each player a three-card hand, face down. The dealer then deals himself a three-card hand as well. However, unlike in regular Three Card Poker, one of these cards is dealt face up, thus giving the player some information about how they should play their hand.

If the player chooses to fold, the ante bet is lost, and the hand is over for that player. If the player wishes to continue instead, they must make a “raise” bet equal to the size of the original ante bet. After all players have made their choices, the dealer reveals his hand.

Hands in California Three Card Poker are ranked as follows (the same as in the normal game):

  1. Straight Flush
  2. Three of a Kind
  3. Straight
  4. Flush
  5. Pair
  6. High Card

However, the payoffs in California Three Card Poker are a little more complex than in the standard Three Card Poker game. Just as in the original Three Card Poker, the dealer qualifies with a hand of queen-high or better. This can lead to several different outcomes:

The player wins, and the dealer qualified. Both the ante and raise bets pay even money.

The player wins, and the dealer did not qualify. Only the ante bet is paid, while the raise bet is a push.

The player loses, but the dealer did not qualify. Both the ante and raise bets push.

The player loses, and the dealer qualified. Both the ante and raise bets lose.

In addition to the different payouts, California Three Card Poker does not give ante bonuses for any hand.

California 3 Card Poker Strategy

Strategy for California Three Card Poker is a little different than the regular Three Card Poker Strategy. Of course, if you have a pair or better, you should still raise every time. However, with a high-card hand, your decision will be impacted greatly by the card the dealer has revealed.

If you have a hand of A92 or better, you should always raise; with 875 or less, you should always fold. If you hold a king, queen, or jack-high hand, you’ll usually choose to raise if your high-card is higher than the dealer’s, or if the dealer’s card matches your highest card but you also have other relatively high cards. With ten-high, you’ll only want to raise against very low dealer cards, or with the best ten-highs, such as hands that also include a nine or an eight. With nine-high, raising is very rarely the right play, and simply folding all nine-high hands won’t do significantly worse than the optimal strategy.

If you follow optimal strategy, the house edge in California Three Card Poker is about 4.3%. If your casino follows the traditional rule of having the player win the ante bet when the dealer fails to qualify even if the dealer would have won the hand, then that house edge drops to just 1.8%, giving it one of the lower house edges around.

Despite the rule changes, California Three Card Poker plays similarly to the original Three Card Poker game, and has about the same advantage for the casino. If you prefer games where the player must use a little more strategy to win, California Three Card Poker might be an alternative game that you’d enjoy.

7 Card Stud hi/lo has a fairly big following in the poker world, good players love the split pot action –which helps decrease variance—and gambling types love the idea of backing into a split pot, or scooping one of the massive pots split pot games like 7 Card Stud hi/lo are known to generate.

There is a need to understand the rules and regulations available at sa platform for playing and winning more money. The choosing of the games is with the skills and expertise. You can implement the correct tip and strategy to win more cash. A pleasant experience is available to the players through it. 

Our goal here is to wade through all the poker sites with 7 Card Stud hi/lo games and point you to the most profitable places to play. We take into account everything the sites have to offer, from player traffic to reputation to show you where the best places to play 7 Card Stud hi/lo online poker. To play immediately, simply select from the best 7 card stud hi-lo poker rooms below.

7 Card Stud hi/lo Poker Basics

7 Card Stud hi/lo is a split pot game where the best high hand, and the best low hand –if one qualifies—each win ½ the pot. If there is no qualifying low than the high hand scoops the pot –it’s also possible for a player to use win both the high and the low portions of the pot in the same hand, known as “Scooping”.

In order for a low hand to qualify a player must have 5 unmatched cards in their hand 8 or lower. When determining low hands strength cards are ranked in descending order from highest to lowest, and straights and flushes do not apply: Therefore the best low hand is 5-4-3-2-A (which also qualifies as a straight for the high portion of the pot).

Play begins just like a round of 7 Card Stud with each player receiving two hidden hole-cards and a single up-card followed by a round of betting. Players are then dealt a single up-card accompanied with a round of betting until each remaining player has six cards (2 down, and 4 up). The final card is dealt face down and is followed by the fifth and final betting round, after which players reveal their hands and the pot is divvied up.

Poker Room for 7 Card Stud hi/lo – PokerStars

Pokerstars (www.pokerstars.com): The 7 Card Stud hi/lo games on PokerStars are some of the juiciest poker games of any type on the Internet –yes, they are that good! It’s not an uncommon site to see 5 or more players contesting showdowns, hoping their 8- low, or small two-pair, can hold up for half the gigantic pot.

With more traffic than all other poker sites combined and it’s position as one of the softest poker rooms for stud poker, PokerStars was an easy choice for the top spot on our list of the best poker rooms for 7 Card Stud hi/lo players.

Play 7 Card Stud hi/lo Online at Party Poker

Party Poker (www.partypoker.com): The second most heavily trafficked poker site is Full Tilt Poker, which is a very important aspect when you are dealing with a less popular poker variant like 7 Card Stud hi/lo.

The games are not quite as juicy as they are on PokerStars, but when you consider they are one of the top UK poker rooms, offer great promotions, solid traffic numbers, and boast an impeccable reputation, it makes it very easy for us to highly recommend them as a top site for 7 Card Stud hi/lo players who will find very little in the way of game selection on the smaller sites.

7 Card Stud hi/lo Poker Basics

7 Card Stud hi/lo is a split pot game where the best high hand, and the best low hand –if one qualifies—each win ½ the pot. If there is no qualifying low than the high hand scoops the pot –it’s also possible for a player to use win both the high and the low portions of the pot in the same hand, known as “Scooping”.

In order for a low hand to qualify a player must have 5 unmatched cards in their hand 8 or lower. When determining low hands strength cards are ranked in descending order from highest to lowest, and straights and flushes do not apply: Therefore the best low hand is 5-4-3-2-A (which also qualifies as a straight for the high portion of the pot).

Play begins just like a round of 7 Card Stud with each player receiving two hidden hole-cards and a single up-card followed by a round of betting. Players are then dealt a single up-card accompanied with a round of betting until each remaining player has six cards (2 down, and 4 up). The final card is dealt face down and is followed by the fifth and final betting round, after which players reveal their hands and the pot is divvied up.

By far one of the most confusing poker lies affecting poker for women, considering the popularity of the game in the 21st century– prime time stints on ESPN, the Travel Channel & the Game Show Network alone should have quelled this concern for the masses– but you still get asked things like, “uh… is poker legal?” or, more often, “uh… isn’t online poker illegal?” Sigh… is poker legal

The Poker Lies that plant the seed that poker is illegal, or that online poker is illegal, brings up the issue of ethics and, as such, has hurt poker for women who feel a conflict between playing poker and doing “what’s right”.

No. Poker is NOT illegal. In fact, in the entire history of the United States, no one has ever been charged, brought to trial, convicted or sentenced for playing poker… online like judi bola terpercaya or otherwise. Phew!

What’s more, back in February of 2009, despite poker lies and poker myths abounding, a research study showed that at least 10 million Americans had logged on to play online poker for real money. Later studies have estimated that the true numbers were likely double that amount, if not more.

FYI… What IS illegal is running an [illegal] underground gambling operation– this would include running a home poker game for real money IF the house was collecting a rake (fee from each pot) from the players. So no shenanigans you guys. Keep it legit!

The existence of this particular poker lie may be due to people confusing legalization with regulation.

“Make online poker legal? It already is!” -Alfonse D’Amato, Former Senator of New York and poker advocate

Although there is not much question regarding legality, what is hanging in the air (as this is being written) is federal regulation (read: taxation). According to my and many other sources (Google it if you like), the regulation of online poker (on a federal level) is a matter of when… not if. And what a win-win-win day that will be! Our country wins (billions of dollars in annual tax revenue!), business wins (rumors that big names like Google, Zynga and Harrah’s are to open big new domestic online poker sites!), and the people win. Regulation will mean more games, more traffic, more fun, more profit potential, more safety, etc.

It is my personal theory that had poker not been so alienating to women in the past (their marketing tactics alone were enough to make me throw up on my Jimmy Choos!), then regulation would have happened forever ago. Again, just my personal opinion.

The sooner “the poker world” embraces women and treats them as equals– and makes a bigger effort to include and educate them on the game… the sooner things will move on Capitol Hill (again, with federal reg, not legality– I cleared that up right?).

Playing poker may seem very simple and easy on the surface, but playing it effectively needs lot of patience and skill. In fact there are several types of poker players, distinguished by their experience and style of play. The semi-pro poker player is indeed a habitual player and has sufficient knowledge of the game and its odds making them occasionally unbeatable. But it is also true many of the winnings of the semi-pro players have been the result of an accident as much as plan. It is often said of semi-pro players that they are professional gamblers in an embryonic stage, for they still have a great deal to learn about the nitty-gritty of the poker game. That is why although they take part in big tournaments and often play for high stakes, they only emerge as a winner occasionally while losing is often the most expected result. poker for semi-pro players is not entirely for income generating reasons. However, a semi-pro player is not necessarily a rare winner and when plays within his limits, he can display a high degree of expertise consistently and win big dough.

In a guide, some simple steps are available to play and win more money at คาสิโนสด. There is a need for expertise and excellence at the live platform. You need to establish some limitations for reducing money loss at the casino. The winning chances are high with more bonuses and rewards. 

It is important to remember that just because someone is running on good luck and emerging as a winner quite frequently, he does not qualify as an advanced or a professional player. When someone has been for more than one year at least and has experienced some ups and downs, he can at best be called a semi-pro poker player, for the basic strategy of playing poker needs one to have understanding of the multiple disciplines of maths, probability and psychology and blending the knowledge to his advantage and applying it in course of the game.

A very vital lesson that a semi-pro poker player must keep in mind is that often his fortune in the game depends on how judiciously he selects one. This requires an honest self-evaluation of one’s strength and weakness and also what type of limit game one is most comfortable to play. Along with this the semi-pro poker player must keep in mind to observe his opponents and try to find out as the game progresses what are the strength and weakness of those players, whether they prefer playing tight or loose etc. this ability to compare the poker playing skills is a must for successful semi-pro players. It is true that observing and arriving at accurate conclusion regarding opponents is not a foolproof strategy particularly if one is playing online or in a casino house that is new to him.

An important poker tip for semi-pro players is to choose only that variant of the game where one feels at ease and has most chances to win. For this it is also crucial to find the ideal game table and it is advisable to wait till an advantageous position is found.

The setup and launch of a white label casino represents a challenging business project which requires skills, dedication, and sufficient resources. And once your new casino is up and running sufficient targeted traffic (>1.000 unique visitors per day) and a good marketing strategy are required to ensure success and a return of invest

During many years of working in the turnkey casino business I have seen many white label casino aspirants who came with a “nice to have” approach to me. These people had a desire to run their own casino but beyond this “dream” often no substance could be found which would have justified to proceed. Although the creation, setup and launch phase is quiet demanding the real challenge is the casino marketing phase where targeted traffic needs to be generated and marketing campaigns planned and executed in a professional manner. Just the physical existence of an online casino – even if it has a good domain name and a nice design – won’t do the trick. But let us start from the beginning:

The Business Plan

Running an online casino is a business and not a hobby. For running a business you need to have a business plan. The business plan should define the casino market (the niche where you are targeting to), the casino brand and identity (which should correlate with the expectations of the target market), the marketing stratgy, the traffic creation strategy, the unique selling points of your promotion and player retention offers and so on. Your casino must stand out (brand, design, marketing) for making a difference in the market. Serious turnkey casino / white label casino providers won’t setup an online casino platform for a casino prospect without having received a professional business plan which outlines a clearly visible pathway to success. Only turnkey casino providers who make their living primarily from the casino setup fee don’t care. Those providers are only focused to get your money for the casino setup and they are not interested if your casino will produce then results or they know already that their casino software can’t generate results (that is why they take the high setup fee). Such casino providers made already their cut with the (often costly) setup fee. What comes then (after the casino setup) is not longer their concern. Serious casino software providers (especially those with no or only a small setup fees) can’t afford to provide access to a casino platform to those casino owners who do not work on a professional level and won’t generate enough business volume which pays off for the infrastructure cost.

Casino Identity

Successful online casinos have a distinguishable, easy to memorize brand name. Name ideas like “luckylasvegaswinner.com” or “winnerspalace.net” won’t represent a solid foundation for your new casino. Once a casino name was chosen and the casino launched, name changes are difficult. Top level .com domains are mandatory even if additionally a country specific TLD shall be used. Not owning both TLDs is causing trouble only (at least on the long run). Therefore it is important to invest time and/or money to find an appealing casino name and register the related domain names.

Getting Stuck

There are many tasks during the casino setup process where casino aspirants get stuck:

  • The template skeleton of a white label casino website package won’t get changed to a custom design
  • The website design finding process becomes a never ending story
  • Graphic designers or web-developers won’t show a sufficient level of work ethic and/or quality during the design and customization process
  • The default texts of a default casino website won’t get changed
  • The creation of casino specific texts (articles) and/or required SEO content takes ages
  • Resistance to get familiar with the usually quiet complex casino platform technology avoids an in-time configuration of casino features
  • Procrastination is a common problem which avoids that all for the launch required tasks will get completed (in-time)

And this list can get extended easily. The main point here is, you need to ship! Define a time-line and follow this time-line. Don’t get lost in details, that won’t pay off. Be willing to accept some flaws which can get corrected later on but stay on course with your launching schedule. A white label casino (especially when it is cost-free) is not a full fledged casino which requires usually an investment of € 100.000 or more.

Marketing Void

I had also quiet often to deal with casino newbies who finally made it through all obstacles of a casino creation and launch process but had then not longer the inspiration, ideas, confidence, self-esteem, motivation or resources to drive a sufficient amount of targeted traffic to their new casino. The casino is then just resting in peace in the Internet – a huge waste of time and energy – which was mainly triggered by the desire to own a casino but not followed-up by a sufficient marketing activity nor a real dedication to take the project to the next level and to market the casino aggressively. Following a well-thought business and marketing plan avoids running into this trap.

Avoiding the Traps

Before you are starting with an own casino you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do you generate already a sufficient amount of revenue with conventional casino promotion (as an affiliate)? If not operating an online casino might not be the right choice for you.

Are you capable to generate 1.000 unique visitors per day?

Do you have industry experience (e. g. worked already before in the casino business)?

Did you successfully manage a comparable complex project like an online casino launch?

Do you have good technical, text writing and marketing skills (by yourself or in your organization)?

Are problems a challenge for you only which you are used to overcome?

Do you have a strong work ethic and a dedication to create a perfect product?

Are you a good sales person and do you like to sell (e. g. the casino to affiliates)?

My advise: If you have answered at least 2 questions with “no” you should seriously re-consider if running your own casino is a viable option for you. Chances that you are ending up with getting stuck during the launch process or with a forlorn casino are then quite high. There are best opportunities to grab when it comes to betting. you can make use of sa gaming 168 for placing good bets and earn a lot of revenue. You can successfully get pay backs if you win. Random algos are implemented over the sites for players so you can get a fair gameplay.

Targeted Traffic

The core requirement for running successfully an online casino is access to targeted traffic. If you do NOT have already casino traffic, the chances that your casino will succeed are below 10%. I have rarely seen casino owners succeeding who setup first a casino and started then to get traffic. The majority of white label casino aspirants is underestimating the difficulty to generate sufficient traffic for the casino. The idea that the casino website itself will be able to drive a significant amount of money is just illusion – even if SEO work gets applied. You will always rely on traffic sources beyond the casino website. If there is not enough traffic you won’t see sufficient results. A healthy figure is an amount of 1.000 visitors per day (targeted traffic). A smaller amount of traffic will usually not cause that you get your casino off the ground.