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Back when I used to play blackjack for a living in 1998 to 2002 in the UK, it was vital to be able to spot a profitable game. Unfortunately what made the situation so difficult in the UK wasn’t that the gaming staff were so clued up and spotted you but in the few available games there were to choose from. It is difficult as a card counter to play in the same casino repeatedly and so you need to move around a lot. However this involves travelling time and that eats into your playing time.

So it then becomes very difficult to play blackjack for forty hours per week. So you need a fairly high hourly rate if you are only going to play for say twenty hours per week but if you include down time and travelling time then twenty playing hours could come close to a full time job. You also need a lot of practice so it is advisable to do it on some of the reliable poker and gambling game sites such as Judi Bola Online. In the UK back then there were only about 120 casinos and although that sounds a lot, many of those were part of the same companies. So Grosvenor Clubs (as it was then), Stanley’s (as it was then), Staki’s (as it was then) and London Clubs were the four biggest companies and these represented the lion’s share.

So you could be detected in just four clubs but yet find it difficult to get a game in the entire country. Most casinos only had one blackjack game open and if that was being dealt by a trainee dealer or the game was full then the number of hands per hour dropped alarmingly. Blackjack is similar to poker in many ways and you can read about poker on my poker blog if you care to take a look. Game selection is pivotal to your success in both games and when you only get poor games to play in then you are not going to earn any money.

If a dealer is giving poor penetration which means that they are only cutting say half a shoe and the game is six deck then you are essentially wasting your time. Playing six decks doesn’t make it impossible to make money from card counting but it does make it very difficult. So remember that choosing the right blackjack game is very important. A game needs fast pace, be preferably four decks and not six and the dealer needs to be dealing around two thirds to three quarters of the shoe.

We can also add to this that we ideally need a dealer and casino staff that doesn’t have much clue as to how to catch a card counter either. If you can find these avenues and capitalise on them then you may just place yourself into a position to make money from playing blackjack.

A new casino is launched every day, and it becomes challenging for gamblers to choose the right casino for online gambling. But, it would become easier for you to choose the right online casino for gambling if you have the right skills and knowledge. Certain factors go into choosing the best online casino for online gambling. There are several crucial aspects that you have to check when choosing the best online casino from safety and security to promotional bonuses to game selection and customer support. 

Safety and Security

It is the most crucial aspect that you have to look for when choosing an online casino for gambling. Since you will be dealing with money at these online casinos, you must check the online casinos’ safety and security protocols before gambling. Check whether they are licensed from recognized jurisdictions to feel comfortable when something goes wrong. 

Also, check the gaming software and payment methods accepted by the casino and ensure that they are properly encrypted and passed all regular audits for safety and security. 

Game Selection

As mentioned, not all online casinos are the same as the selection of games vary in different online casinos. You will find online casinos with dozens of blackjack variants, while some online casinos offer literally hundreds of games to enjoy. So, choose those online casinos with variants in games and not limited to one particular game selection. 


An online casino like Palm Springs Casino offers multiple promotional offers and discounts along with welcome bonuses. Avoid those online casinos that offer no bonuses and promotional offers to the gamblers. Online gambling is not inexpensive, and if you can’t get any discount or promotions, then look for other options. 

Withdraw and Deposit Options 

Before you choose any online casino for gambling, check their deposit and withdrawal options. Check the available payment methods and the currency they accept. Some of the advanced online casinos use a new type of currency called BitCoin, a cryptocurrency. The casinos must have multiple options to withdraw the money and deposit. The payout solutions must be robust and trustworthy. Today, most of the casinos allow the gamblers to transfer the winning money directly to their bank account securely or convert them into cryptocurrency. 

Plus, you need to check how fast the casino is in responding to your withdrawal request. Some of the casinos transfer the funds instantly, while some casinos need 1-2 working days to close the gamblers’ withdrawal request. 

Software Provider

It is highly recommended to check the software provider of the online casino. It would be best to prefer gambling with those online casinos that have a partnership with leading software providers. The leading software companies ensure to deliver excellent gaming experience in terms of quality, and the diversity of the casino games is also very high. The casino must have visual effects and spectacular graphics that contribute further to your online gambling experience. It must offer you a wide range of games that you may enjoy playing online from roulette to blackjack, baccarat to video poker and other casino games. 

Customer Support

The last important thing that you have to check when choosing an online casino to gamble online is customer support from the casino. Quality of all online casinos is not equal, and some of the casinos have the worst customer support. Ensure that the representatives are available 24/7 via live chat, email and phone. The contact details of the casino must be available online on their official website.        

Many proven methods are floating around these days for blackjack strategy and it’s difficult to know which one might be right for you. Players have more options than Kim Zolciak at a wig convention. From card counting to soft and hard hand blackjack strategy, it’s enough to make players heads spin. The willingness to win means more than winning itself sometimes. Eventually, as your skill and confidence grow, you’ll start seeing better returns on your investments. Let us give you some simple and basic blackjack strategies that you can use to get started without getting too complex. If you can keep one thing at the forefront of your mind, it should be beating the dealer is more important than getting your point total to 21. It is possible to beat the dealer, even if your card point totals are under 21.

Let’s start by saying that beginners should become familiar with card point totals and combination suit values and understand that there are different levels of blackjack strategy. Unlike the dealer, all players are free to play out their hands the way they see fit. They can either choose to “stand” or “hit” on any points total. The dealer does not have this freedom. He has to either “stand” or takes another card.

For beginners, if your card point total is 3 to 11, then you should “hit”. If your point total is 12 to 16, you should “hit” as well. The exception would be if the dealer scores higher than a 6, then you should “stand”. If your point totals 17 to 20 you should “stand”. If your hand contains an Ace and a 7, you should “hit”, unless the dealer shows greater than an 8 and then you should “stand”.

Intermediate blackjack strategy is a little different. All pairs should be split, except for 4, 5’s, and 10’s. If you have a pair of 4’s, you should “hit”. If you have a pair of 5’s, you should “double down”, unless of course, the dealer shows a 10 or an Ace. If this is the case, you should “hit”. If you have a pair of 10’s, you should always “stand” because you don’t want to bust your hand. The only difference between the intermediate blackjack strategy and the beginner blackjack strategy is the addition of “splitting” on the pair.

Finally, we get to the advanced blackjack strategy. The advanced should only be used if you’re an experienced player and knowledgeable enough about “doubling down” to make this work for you. The advanced blackjack strategy is similar to the intermediate, except for having players “double down” on a 9, 10 or an 11. If your hand contains a 9, you should “double down” only if the dealer has less than 11. If your hand contains a 10, you should “double down” only if the dealer has less than 10. If you have an 11, you should always “double down”.

Not only should players be well-read on blackjack strategy, but also wagering requirements for bonuses depending on what online casino they play at. Casinos generally like to hold onto their money and so they place certain requirements on bonus money to lessen the risk of high rolling players trying to clean their clock. That of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t win a nice stash of cash. Breaking down into three different categories will help make the game of blackjack a little simpler. Beginners will be flexing their blackjack muscles in no time! Just like muscles, you can enable, build, and tone your blackjack skills to help you make involuntary decision making during card play. It’s much like training your brain to get used to knowing when to play certain cards without even thinking about it.

If players know what they’re doing, the probability exists of winning the round with just 13 points. There is a multitude of great blackjack players who win on a low score. The calculated risk with a small bit of intuition can take you farther than you might think. Adopting a blackjack strategy is not as daunting as it’s made out to be. Having the beginner, intermediate and advanced strategies under your belt will give you improved results without any headaches. One last bit of advice for players is to study blackjack strategy charts for different possible winning combinations. Now it’s time to go out there and put these 3-stage black strategies to work for you by clicking on any one of our great casinos!


Judi QQ Online is also marked as an important game in the list of games that are popularly played at an online casino. playing and winning at online casinos can make you earn a good amount of rewards as well as bonuses. Many gambling websites offer jackpots too on making a winning move.

In any basic blackjack strategy, the goal for the player is a hand that is a total of 21 or as close as possible. This helps to beat the dealer’s hand. There are several strategies you can take to reduce the house advantage that are listed on Pkv QQ. First of all, you should know if they are out of the game, and when to stop. This is a very critical point for players who almost always in fact come with a win of 50%. The basic blackjack strategy suggests that, if the total amount of your blackjack cards from 17 to 20, you should not go for a second card.

Exceptions are made in blackjack, when a single card of the player happens to be an ace, with the demonstration of the dealer, somewhere between 9 and an ace, if you draw a second card as a player. This blackjack strategy seems to help players who are not well acquainted with the rules of the game. The advantage of the blackjack house is about 5% and if you play with a good strategy, you can reduce the house edge considerably. Therefore, you should, like a pro, which is something you can do only through experience, to play.

A strategy that will work for a particular game, can not work the same for all games. However, you should remember to be flexible and variable, while sitting in front of the PC. In some games, the player can take out insurance against the dealer having a blackjack strategy. In this case, the payout is 2:1. Other games with double cards of the same rating can be an extra hand by splitting the bet. If you are not sure you can beat the dealer by doubling your bet. Please, if you can not go on like this, and are likely to lose half your bet.

In blackjack 21, you can get a little bored, by being a little picky. Generally, casinos to improve their chances, and so if it is a good strategy, you will instinctively know to do the right thing. In online blackjack, the player must not share their 10s. You can split Aces and 8s, regardless of the dealer’s card. This is indeed good for the current page, as it is with the risk of doubling the player’s bet. Go for the insurance only after counting your blackjack cards, such as your insurance rates may be poor, with a high house edge.

Help tournament strategy, competitive play, and aggressive. You need to be successful, and if not, quit. If you are not on the next round of the tournament, it will not make you broke, can conservatively to go, instead of playing. If you are lagging in the game, aim high. You can change your direction and start to play, a large amount of money. If you are ahead of the game in the tournament, you need to move ahead with the flow. If you have a lot ahead, you can take a break; leave the other high risk.

Texas Hold’em is rightly considered to be the favorite game of poker players. The game is based on 5-card draw poker. At the beginning of the game each player receives two cards face down. These cards are often referred to as ‘hole cards’. After all players get their cards three community cards are dealt in the next betting rounds called Flop, Turn and River. In the course of the game players may select one of the following options: Check, Bet, Fold or Raise.

The objective of Texas Hold’em Poker is to beat all other players by making up the highest possible five-card hand, using a combination of the two ‘hole cards’ you are dealt and the five community cards on the table.

When playing Texas Hold’em poker a traditional 52-card deck without Jokers is used. Cards are to be shuffled after each game.

The ranking of individual cards in Texas Hold’em Poker is based on the conventional poker falling order: Ace (high or low), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.

NOTE: In poker games Ace can be used as a card of the highest value in a straight of A, K, Q, J, 10, or a card of the lowest value in a straight of 5, 4, 3, 2, A. The reputation of Judi Bola online site is in the notice of the players while registering at the place. The terms and conditions are easy to understand through the gamblers. It will bring plenty of benefits for the poker players at the tables. 

Texas Hold’em poker involves a series of hands. The game features Small and Big blind bets also referred to as forced bets. A special dealer button is used in the game to mark the dealer for each game. The dealer button moves clockwise. Thus, the positions of the dealer, the Small blind and the Big blind changes for each hand. Small blind is the first player next to the dealer clockwise and Big blind is a player to the left of the Small blind. Small and Big blinds place their forced bets before the cards are dealt. The Big Blind is usually equal to the doubled amount of the Small blind.

If there are only two active players in the game, special rules, also called ‘head-to-head’ or ‘heads up’ apply. In this case the blinds are made in the following way: the player with the dealer button makes the small Blind, while the other player places the Big blind. The dealer is the first who places a bet before the Flop. After the Flop, the dealer plays last and keeps playing following this rule until the end of the hand.

At TradaPoker.co.za you can play the no-limit hold’em poker game. In no-limit hold’em poker players can bet or raise any amount over the minimum possible raise up to the total of all chips a player has at the table. A player may choose to bet all his chips. In this case he is said to go ‘All-in’.

The minimum amount ofa raise must be the same as the amount of the previous bet or raise. If any player selects to make a re-raise, they must first raise at least the amount of the previous raise.

For example, if the Big Blind is $2 and the next player makes a raise of $6 for the total of $8, the following player who makes a re-raise must raise the bet for at least $6 more for the total of $14. If making a raise or re-raise a player goes all-in and does not match the sum of the previous raise, the player who raised initially is not allowed re-raise again. This only matters if there was a call before the re-raise.

The game begins with dealing two ‘hole cards’ face down to each player.

Pre-flop is the first betting round of Texas Hold’em poker. It starts with the player seated to the left of the dealer and moves clockwise round the desk. Pre-flop continues until each player at the desk folds or matches the sum placed by all other active players.

During the betting rounds in Texas Hold’em poker a player is allowed to select one of the following options depending on the gaming stage: FOLD, CHECK, BET, CALL or RAISE.

  • CHECK – allows a player to abandon the game by losing all previous bets placed
  • FOLD – allows a player to proceed playing without raising a bet
  • BET – allows a player to remain in the game and increases the bet by the selected amount
  • CALL – allows a player to remain in the game by matching the previously raised bet
  • RAISE – allows a player to increase a bet after another player has previously raised the bet
  • allows a player to increase a bet by the selected amount after another player has previously raised the bet.

After the Flop betting round is over, the fourth community card (known as Turn) is dealt on the table, followed by a third betting round.

Finally, the fifth community card (known as River) is dealt on the table. After the final betting round the game ends at the showdown.

The winner of the game is determined at the showdown when players reveal their hands and they are evaluated following the conventional poker hierarchy. The player with the highest poker hand is the winner of the pot.

Each player has to make up the highest possible poker hand using his two ‘hole cards’ and three community cards.

NOTE: a player can use one, both or none of his individual cards to make up the final five-card poker hand.

If a player wins with a hand consists of five community cards, he is said to be playing the board. If five community cards make up the highest poker hand players split the pot.

If there is more than one winner in the game then the pot is split equally among them, and any extra chips are given to the first players after the button in clockwise order.

If a poker game results in a tie the pot is divided between the two winners.

If there is only one player in the game after the other players have folded, this player is the winner.

If a player makes a bet, while the other players fold, the only active player wins the pot. Moreover, the player is not required to show his ‘hole’ cards.

On the showdown, each player makes up the highest possible poker hand from the seven cards available: two pocket cards and any three cards of the community cards. 

 A player is allowed to use one, both or none of his individual cards to make up his final five-card poker hand.

  • If the game results in a tie between the hands of the same type, the hand with a higher card value wins (i.e. Three Kings beats Three Queens).
  • If the game results in a tie between hands of the same type and value, the winner is determined by the kicker – the next highest card that is not a part of the final winning hand.

Visionary iGaming (ViG) is one of the latest and most innovative online casino software companies to tap into the online gambling industry. Their product was exhibited at the 2011 ICE show in London, which turned out to be a popular attraction.This is a company that primarily focuses on supplying its software and unique business models to other operators so that they can start building their own online casinos.Visionary iGaming also specializes in providing an exciting, state-of-the-art live dealer casino, which is streamed from secure land based casino environments, as well as secure studio environments and then broadcast direct to the user’s computer giving the player a unique casino experience.Players can communicate directly with ViG’s friendly, professional and charming casino dealers through the Interactive Game Interface, plus they can communicate with the wider online gambling community with instant messaging via the Community Live Chat feature.The detailed quality of their live casinos provides a fully immersive experience for players. 

The types of Vegas-style casino games provided by ViG include Live Poker, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette and Live Blackjack. 

Live Blackjack Early Payout™ is a unique feature which means that players don’t have to wait for others to finish their hands if they have clearly won the hand.The Live Turnkey Online Casino allows operators to develop, then market and manage their own individual product as well as using the Visionary iGaming software, thus enabling their players to enjoy a live dealer casino from their own home. Random Number Generators (RNG’s) monitor the system for fair outcomes. The outcomes of the games are excellent to meet with the desired results. The monitoring of the slot machines games is done with the skills and intelligence at 더킹카지. The random number generator is automatic to meet with the desired results. 

Companies can integrate the ViG software into their existing product using the Live Casino Game Feed. The cutting edge software includes Open Application Programming Interfaces (API’s), a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the players gaming history, financial history, and unique attributes such as multi-lingual live dealers, branded tables & uniforms and customised casino interiors.The Live Casino in a Box allows high street bookmakers and other land based betting operators to incorporate the live games into their operations by using a PC terminal. 

These features include Credit Management as well as a cashier for dealing with cash transactions, a multi-tier agent management system, player administration, real time reports, affiliate and financial tracking as well as reporting and game history.Multiple global currencies are accepted, allowing players from around the world to enjoy the product and receive a live feed to an actual casino environment wherever they may be located.The fully licensed software is protected with secure fraud detection, firewalls, player monitoring and secure servers.

Visionary iGaming has a superb support network and they are a company that has been recognised for having excellent customer service skills.The success of this software company continues to show as their product now features at a growing number of reputable online gambling portals and other land based betting locations around the world. In April 2011, Visionary iGaming was nominated for Best Live Casino Supplier of the Year Award by eGaming Review (EGR).

Exclusive to JACKPOT PARTY CASINO and released in the summer of 2011 is GOLD FISH online slot. This is a multi-lined video slot with a total of . This was a hugely successful land based slot which has now been developed by WMS GAMING and is now available to play on your laptop or PC.

The theme is as the title suggests and based on fish. There are a total of 6 features to enjoy when playing on this slot. The symbols include several different coloured fish. There is a Blue, Red, Purple, Green and Gold Fish. Other symbols include a Fishing Net, Underwater Plants, Sea Coral, Shell Fish and a Turtle.

The GOLD FISH is and will substitute all other symbols on the reels except for the FISH FOOD SYMBOLS. If five of the gold fish symbols appear after one spin across any of the active paylines, players will be instantly awarded with the top prize.

The fish features award the following: Blue Fish – win up to three scatter spins. If the Green Fish appears, players can win up to 500x their stake. The Purple Fish appearing will basically award you with a credit that can multiply your stake per line. If the Red Fish appears you will receive an on-screen bonus pick that could see that you are rewarded with up to a 10xmultiplier of your line bet. The last one to mention is the Gold Fish and this will trigger the bonus feature. In this bonus round, players can win up to 20 free spins as well as an additional random multiplier. The terms and conditions are verified with 은꼴 커뮤니티 to get the desired results at the slot machines. The understanding of the rules and regulation is necessary so that the playing is at the legal table. The playing of the card games is played with the correct strategy to gain the benefits to win more for the bank account.

Each fish feature is slightly different but all equally as fun. Most of the bonus features here work as picking rounds and do not involve any particular skill.

The most likeable feature with this new slot has to be the FISH FOOD FEATURE. Players can trigger this bonus round from within the Gold and Blue features. Alternatively, this bonus round can also be triggered when three or more of the SCATTERED CANS OF FISH FOOD appear anywhere across the reels. This is also a picking round where you must try to select a minimum of three matching foods. 

If you are lucky enough to pick three cans of turtle food, you will then be given the opportunity to choose one of three turtles for an even bigger prize. This slot is simply bursting with prizes and is another excellent creation from WMS!

Unfortunately, as this is Casino, only UK players can access this game and the only currency available is GBP (Pound Sterling). Don’t forget that there is also a GAMBLE FEATURE as with all other Jackpot Party slots. Players have the chance to double up their winnings after each line win. Simply choose Red or Black for a 50/50 chance of doubling your winnings. The game is part of the websites PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT network, which can be won at any time and by any player – no matter what stake they are betting with.

What Are Microgaming Bonuses? How Do They Work? 

There are various Microgaming powered casinos available online and each one of them offers a wide variety of features. These casinos can help a gambler to fill the pockets with unlimited rewards. But there is another thing which makes these casinos beneficial for the. You must have heard about Microgaming Bonuses and how they make the Judi Bola online casino websites popular. These bonuses are a thing of huge benefit for the beginners who have just landed their foot in the online casino world. Also, there are many types of bonuses offered to the gamblers. 

Casino bonuses play a very important in providing enhanced gambling experience to all the gamblers. It is a way in which online Casino websites market themselves and drive a large number of gamblers towards them. Nowadays bonuses are important criteria for the gamblers to choose among the wide variety of options available. 

How Do These Online Casino Bonuses Work? 

Casino bonuses work under various rules and regulations. Without them, this feature can get all over the place. Following are some rules and conditions: 

  • Maximum Win Through Bonuses:

Online casino offer bonuses to provide an enhanced experience to the gamblers rather than giving unlimited winnings to them. That is why the gambling websites set a fixed amount of winnings as the maximum limit a gambler can win through bonuses. 

  • Selected Casino Games:

Casino websites don’t facilitate the use of bonuses on all the Judi Bola casino games. Gamblers can use their bonuses on only a few selected casino games. Gamblers should check before using the bonus on a casino game.

In a nutshell, casino bonuses are a great opportunity for the gamblers to win extra rewards but they should very necessarily check the rules and conditions to ensure the proper usage of them. Also, Casino bonuses work as a perfect strategy for attracting gamblers for the websites. 



Las Vegas is well-known for gambling and nightlife. Besides gambling and late night club visits, you can explore different areas of the strip for attractions that have made the Vegas hotels famous. Just outside the strip, you will find parks to explore and enjoy scenic trails or a picnic.

The Las Vegas Gran Prix has something to do for the entire family. Kids can drive the go karts, kiddie karts and have fun on the dragon roller coaster, tornado twister and the super fun slide. Adults are entertained with the adult gran prix cars, dive bomber and the party room and restaurant. The adult gran prix is two laps around the track and you must have a driver’s license. The sprint kart speedway is a five minute ride and the kiddie karts is a three minute ride.

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

1401 N. Rainbow Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89108


The Floyd Lamb State Park is open all year long. During May through August, the park is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and from September to April the park is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for people to enjoy the grounds and attractions. The park has a rich history that includes Tule Springs Ranch, which you can visit and explore. The park has fish in one of the four ponds, play volleyball, walk the scenic trails or have a picnic.

Floyd Lamb State Park

9200 Tule Springs Road

Las Vegas, NV 89131


The thrill of free falling on a zip line from 108 stories high off the Stratosphere will get your blood pumping. You can scream and yell and nobody will hear you. You are attached to a zip line similar to a bungee cord. As you jump off the Stratosphere, you can see the ground coming up to meet you. The SkyJump Las Vegas has different packages that include a DVD and/or a photo of your blood curdling experience. If you don’t feel like going out, you may also try playing online casino games such as https://adilkiu.com. This is one of the trusted online casino websites where you can find wide variety of casino games. 

SkyJump Las Vegas

2000 S. Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89104


Almost every aspect of the world has been affected by the pandemic and poker game is not an exception. However, poker players did not allow the global health crisis to stop them from playing the game. Poker has taken on a new twist and level during the COVID-19 pandemic. The game has been transformed into a new version.

Yes, cards, chips and the table might be digital but the players who are playing are real. They money is still genuine and players can still shit talk each other. The beauty of poker online is that it allows players to play poker without leaving the comfort of their home. All they have to do is open their laptop, do a few clicks and voila, they can now conveniently and comfortably play poker without worrying about getting home after the game or getting any germs from the communal chip bowl.

Most of the players spend 5 USD to 20 USD on chips and there still a possibility of re-buys. There are also other forms of poker games where players can choose from such as tournament style. But no matter how fun and exciting online poker is, it is still important to establish house rules so there will always be guidelines. It is important to have a good internet connection. There should also be a chat function in the game so players can outline rules about excessive behavior or profanity. In this way, every player will be guided and there will always be a foundation of rules that players need to adhere to.

Overall, the global pandemic has definitely changed some aspects of our world like our source of entertainment and fun. But with our innovation and technology, there is nothing that can stop us from having fun.