Did you know that in the list of most gambling offered by the casino one of the first positions will be roulette? Its peculiarity is that the casino flag will be high enough no matter what roulette is – American or European. Still, the player has a way to increase their chances of winning. To do this, you must adhere to certain rules and act in accordance with a strategy that will allow you to spend your competent bankroll. These rules and acts are explained briefly on

Learn the basics of the game

As mentioned above, playing roulette according to a competent strategy is a direct way to increase the chances of winning. So this should not be neglected by a newcomer, some of whom prefer to act by instinct, relying on intuition. This way to beat the casino will not help. And it will help to observe some basic rules.

Without a strategy, your position will be like a serpent without fangs as players have to have complete knowledge about what the game is all about because Russian roulette is arguably the most important one among all Agen PKV Games where you can know about everything from start to finish without letting the opponent know, which can be a practice of sorts before trying out for bigger rounds in the casino.

First of all, you only have to set the minimum amount and play only at external rates. In each round you can bet on black or red. If you are lucky, if you win, this rate will be paid at a 1: 1 rate, and 18 of the 37 segments on the roulette will be closed, so judge for yourself – it’s the easiest to win.

Second, bet on two fields and let those bets have the same size. Put on equal chances (odd or even, black or red) and on the bet, which is paid for a 2: 1 win. For example, let it be a black bet and a third bet to “closes” multiple numbers at once, and others twice. Or, you can put red on the second column, which contains eight black numbers, again to “cover” the maximum number.

Play European roulette

Playing real money roulette, you should never forget that it is the best bet for the European roulette. Its advantage in the casino will be half that of the American one, which is good for the player. And to maximize the benefits of a casino, it’s best to pay attention to French roulette. Most often, this figure is 1.35%: for comparison, American roulette – 5.26%, for Europeans – 2.7%.

Also, players wishing to win more often in roulette should take into account the rule called en prison (prison). It deals exclusively with odds odds (odd / even, black / red, etc.). It seems that in this case – for example, you bet on black, you put a sum of $ 10, and the ball stops in a black box, not on a red, but on a zero. So, your bet did not win and did not lose – it stays in the same place for another spin.

If, after the second round, the fate decides that the ball stops on a black field, then you lose nothing, but you also do not win any of your 10 dollars back to you. In the case of a red field, the bet is lost for you. If something completely unexpected happens and the ball stops again to zero, everything is repeated – you have a chance for another spin while holding the bet.


Claire Bennett is a self-taught poker player and is looking for different ways through which she can share her experience and poker tips with other enthusiasts.