Binary option betting is a new trading experience to attain trading success by limiting the risks. It is an easy and a straightforward way to make money. One of the most attractive ways of betting on markets is binary options betting. All a trader needs to do to succeed is to place a market with high statistical possibility or look for a situation that has a scope of high statistical chance of winning. With only two possible outcome- profit or loss, binary options betting works very fast.

There are plenty of options available at the online casino for the playing and winning of more cash. The understanding of the options and features is essential to get more 꽁머in the bank account. A pleasant experience is available to the players to have more real cash. 

For example, a trader estimates that the price of FTSE will close up at the end of the day, so he prefers buying and thus the bet settles at 100 if FTSE finishes up. On the contrary if it closes down, then the bet settles at zero. Binary bets are always quoted in two ways that is ‘bid and offer’.

Binary option betting is a simple way to articulate one’s opinion on market movements. A trader simply has to bet money on the movement of the market price as to whether it will move up or down within a fixed time period. To make the minimum bet, the amount required is only £0.50 or $0.50 and the amount for maximum bet is £10 or $10. The amount deposited for the binary bets is equivalent to the maximum loss on that bet. For example, if a trader places a $5 wager that the value of oil will decline in the next few minutes and if his estimation is correct, he wins the bet. But for instance if his estimation goes wrong; the maximum he loses is $5 bet amount.

Thus the trader’s initial bet amount determines how mush he wins or loses. Let’s say that a trader sets £10 real money bet that the price of FTSE 100 index will fall in the next sixty minutes. After this predetermined time, if the price of FTSE 100 is indeed lower, then his payout will be £17 which will automatically be supplemented to his real money balance. The trader can always act to hedge the market once his account starts showing consistent winnings. Hence it creates an opportunity for him to improve his profits. In order to minimize the probability of risks to a large extent, the call and put options are to be used wisely. So if binary option betting is carried out properly, it increases the chances of making huge profits.

Like other hedging strategies, binary option betting has a great impact on the risk taken next to one’s total investment. Knowing that the binary bets expire hourly or by the end of the day, if the price per share moves in the direction estimated by the trader, he earns a profit. Again it is the trader who decides whether to hold the share or sell it before the expiry period.

Binary option betting is one of the best options betting to make good money within a short span of time. Being simple and easy, it is an excellent way to add extra earnings to one’s bank account.


Claire Bennett is a self-taught poker player and is looking for different ways through which she can share her experience and poker tips with other enthusiasts.