There are hundreds of thousands of online gamblers in Canada. This website would not exist if there was not. So, how about that question? Is online gambling legal in Canada? What many Canadian online gamblers who play at an online casino site each day do not probably realize, is that, with certain exceptions, online gambling is completely illegal in Canada.

As mentioned above, there are some exceptions to illegal online gambling in Canada. Anyone who is lucky enough to live in a province where the locally licensed lottery company also offers online gambling can stay completely legal. The problem is, these online gambling sites are usually pretty restricted in the quality of the online gambling experience they offer Canadian online gamblers.

Also, if you happen to live within a province where a local reserve for indigenous people has an online gambling license, then you can legally play at these online casino sites too, but they are not as good as the big international online gambling sites.

But the truth is, that the majority of Canadian online gamblers play at international online casino sites like situs judi qq online, and we mean the big ones, the massive online gambling companies. They do this because this offers the most fun, the best experience. But it is still illegal.

So why do Canadian online gamblers still insist on breaking the law and playing at this illegal offshore, international online casino sites? Well, as mentioned above, they offer the best gameplay. But we also need to think about that fact that no single online gambler has ever been arrested, let alone prosecuted for playing at one of these international online gambling sites.

What does that tell us about online gambling law in Canada? It tells us that we are living under a regime that has gambling law dating back decades, gambling law that is unable to deal with technology, gambling law that cannot process the concept of playing at an online casino site.

So what needs to happen? We need to revamp online gambling law in Canada. But how can this every happen when something as simple as Bill C-290, that would allow single event sports betting to be legal online, gets stuck in the Senate for two years. Quite frankly, Canadian online gamblers need to carry on as they are, the laws may be outdated, but they are also never enforced. Until we hear of a prosecution for online gambling we won’t change that opinion.

Online betting is a sort of betting, which is composed of over the web. The market is varied for the web-based betting generation of about $40 billion consistently. It is lawful in plenty of nations; however, a few countries confine or boycott web-based betting.


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