God has always fascinated people and almost everyone wants to be God, not as forces to be God. Such creation of man is that video games are the perfect man to have control over things a permit sand. These games not only allows playing God, but also gives the possibility that God is a good God and evil or even shades of gray with God. Some of the most popular games that are designed for. The human desire to please God must be The Sims, Black & White, Populous, the god of war, after life, Too Human, Viva Piñata and Zeus in the next two famous games where the player can play at being God.


Utopia is considered the first of the Sim games, and even God, and is also the first game genre attributed to real time. The Intellivision game was released in almost two decades and has captured the interest of the gaming community. It has recently been released for the Xbox 360 and Windows Live. Early in the game the players are required to choose the number and the length of the series. Each player is an island that acts as his empire select. The player spends gold bullion in its empire by building schools, factories, hospitals, homes and farms for the development of the population of the empire supported. The game allows players to put the rebels in the kingdom of the enemy, which is responsible for the destruction of resources created by the ruler of the kingdom. Revenue is generated when each player receives rain for growing businesses clouds randomly or using fishing boats to source fish. You can find also on mega888.

Black and White

Black and White 2 is the sequel to Black and White and was by Forbes as “let’s play God” placed game. It was developed by Lionhead Studios and is based on Windows and Mac compatible. The game features positive reviews from critics and won with an average score of 76% occupies the game. The game is based on the “prophecy” that is based on the greatest power on earth to destroy the tribes in the world. The tribe in turn receives a God who is to lead the tribe to glory and power in the world. The creatures in the game are the monkeys, lions, tigers, wolves and cows when the tiger is just pre-order the special edition or containing part. The player can ordinary miracles, such as fire, flood, lightning, shield, healing and miracles meteor or epic as a mermaid, a hurricane and earthquake volcano. God is good combination, bad or both good and evil. The way to God is the destruction of evil, while on the way to God is based on benevolence. The cities of the gods reflect their nature. The game is rated for interface “rich” user fewer buttons.


Gambling or betting is one activity but there are many activities on which this practice can be done. People can bet on various games, the games which are a sport and are played on ground and on the games which are played in the casinos, also on the players and on the games which they themselves play


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