A player can use both traditional and modern techniques to check the Euro millions results. Technology has changed the normal and traditional manner of carrying out a task or executing some assignment. People are looking for new time saving methods to complete an activity. A busy life and hectic work schedule hardly allow a modern person to allocate time to do the things in a traditional manner. After the inception of online methods, people started using the websites to conduct transactions online from a PC connected to internet. But now the computers are replaced by various handheld mobile devices and cell phones. People eve use these advanced mobile devices to check Euro millions results irrespective of the time and place. It allows them to check out the outcome of the lottery draw, even when they are on the go or travelling. But a player must remember and male sure to check out the lottery results as it is the most important aspects of participating in the popular game.

On the online platform, there is the availability of favorable results for the players. The outcomes at dominoqq are provided as per the needs and requirements of the gamblers. It is the main reason behind the registration at online platform instead of going to physical casino.

Live Telecast on TV

The weekly Euro millions draw becomes exciting and thrilling due to its feature to allow each participant to be richer by a huge sum of money. Each player can select the lucky number that can win him prizes in various categories. A number of TV channels broadcast the Euro millions results live to entertain the millions of people participating in the popular lottery game. The show is popular and being viewed by a large numbers of players on Friday evenings. So if you have the required amount of time, you can watch the draw live on TV and enjoy the real thrill of participating in the lottery draw.

Posted on Various Websites

There are a number of websites offering specialized services relating to the popular lottery game. Players from various states and countries use the online options to participate in the draw actually taking place in Paris. These websites allow users to purchase online tickets both as a guest visitor and a subscriber. The player participating online can use the specific websites to check the Euro millions results. After the official announcement of the results, the websites are posted on the websites and remain in the same condition till the next lottery draw. So you can use your home or office PC and check the outcome of the lottery draw through the websites.

From Handheld Mobile Devices

Most of the people carry their mobile devices and cell phones with them while travelling. They use these devices for various purposes including internet access. There is a specific app released by the National Lottery Commission that enables users to check the draw result on their iPhone. A player can download and install the app on his iPhone and check the Euro millions results irrespective of his current location. He can even check the results through the specialized app while travelling or being struck in the heavy traffic. Similar to other activities, the advanced technologies have made it very much simpler and convenient for a modern player to participate in the lottery draw. He can use the online options to purchase the tickets as well as checking out the draw results.

Blackjack is considered to be one of the most popular casino games in the industry. Thus, it should come as no surprise that with the advent of online gambling games, this exciting and intuitive hobby is enjoyed by millions of players from across the globe each and every day. This is reflected in the number of followers blackjack-related social media sites enjoy as well as the sheer revenue generated on an annual basis. However, are there any differences between traditional blackjack and its online counterpart? Furthermore, how do any discrepancies affect the overall game play? To answer these questions, let us compare and contrast these two variants. Traditional Version One of the most appealing aspects of the traditional version is the very “physical” sensation of playing at a live table. There is a great deal of interpersonal communication and one can actively sense the tension and excitement in the air. Much of the allure for those who play casino games on location has to do with these emotions.

Obviously, the feel of walking away with a tidy sum of money in one’s pocket is also quite attractive. Finally, the chances of winning truly massive jackpots adds to the allure of the traditional game. So, it is clear to appreciate why a hand played at a physical location certainly offers a great deal of fun and excitement. Online Gaming Versions 21st century technology has now brought this enticing game to countless millions of individuals from across the globe. So, what are the advantages of the online versions in comparison to their physical counterparts? First and foremost, there are a host of reputable gaming sites that offer a wide variety of this popular card game. Online casino blackjack and other such massive portals offer levels of game play and excitement that many consider to exceed the more static, traditional versions.

This has a great deal to do with the technological advancement that many online casino games now enjoy. The platforms are highly interactive, the games themselves come in a great many varieties and as more players enter competitions, rewards can be substantial. Additionally, the larger sites will frequently offer free plays, cash prizes and even chances to win a seat at a live event. So, the advantages of the online version go far beyond mere cash payouts alone. It is only important to keep in mind that not all websites are as reputable as others. It is therefore always a wise option to take a look at an objective guide to online casinos to help determine what the best options may be. Another benefit that one will encounter when deciding to play blackjack online is the simple fact that the game can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. There is no need to travel miles to a physical casino and these games can be played day and night; whenever one has the time or inclination. With the advent of portable smartphones and tablets, some of the larger sites now offer mobile apps.

Aficionados can enjoy a hand or two of blackjack even while on the road. This convenience cannot be denied and has caused a further rise in popularity during the past few years. Better, Worse or Different? The question of which version is better or worse will entirely depend upon the perspective of the player. Still, it is an undeniable fact that the numerous amenities offered by the best online casinos are certainly attractive. This has caused an influx of players to join the millions which are already participating in online platforms. This number is only expected to increase into the future. A final benefit in regards to the benefits of online versions is the fact that entry levels are quite agreeable; that is, one does not require a massive bankroll to enjoy all of the features that these games will offer. Even free versions are available for those who wish to hone their skills before participating in a live event. So, it is easy to appreciate the pros and cons of each version. There is no doubt that traditional blackjack will never fade away. However, it is just as much of a reality that the popularity of online blackjack will continue to grow as technology steadily increases.

For the playing on the link vào k8 khi bị chặn, there is a need to check the availability of the live dealers. The picking of the table with live dealers will offer more winning chances to the gamblers in comparison to other tables. You need to keep it in mind while playing the games.

Being available on both desktop and mobile, Sun Palace Casino is a luxurious online casino where you have the chance to gamble in style. The casino is also licensed in Costa Rica and uses games from Real Time Gaming.

Casino Bonus Promotions

As a new player, you get to claim four bonuses. How awesome is that? Let’s take a look at what you can enjoy:

  • 400% bonus up to $10,000 free;
  • match up blackjack;
  • 150% cashable bonus up to $10,000 free;
  • $20 free bonus.

And since we’re talking about the free bonuses, I want to give you a little tip. To play the games at Sun Palace Casino for free, you can visit a third-party site where you can claim your Sun Palace Casino no deposit bonus codes and have the time of your life.

The casino has also available promotions for existent players and if you are a new player then you can choose 안전놀이터 instead. From Monday to Sunday you can choose from one of the casino’s amazing promotions, including:

  • Double Match Up Monday: 200% bonus;
  • Cashback Monday: $500 bonus, no PTR;
  • Wild Wednesday: 300% bonus;
  • Thirsty Thursday: free spins + 200% bonus;
  • Mad Tuesday and Freaky Friday: 250% bonus;
  • Thank God is Saturday: use them all;
  • Super Sunday: triple season bonuses.

The great offers do not stop at that. You can also get a monthly bonus, season bonus, birthday bonus, anniversary bonus, and many more.


Are you a video slot lover? That is great as Sun Palace Casino has more than enough games to entertain you. At this casino, you can enjoy a bunch of different themes, paytables, and exciting features. Having almost 100 games from which you can choose, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Sun Palace Casino also has three-reel slots with varying paytables, some of them even having a progressive jackpot.

There is a multitude of table games available at Sun Palace Casino. In addition to the main games (blackjack, roulette, or craps), you can also play a number of unique 21 games, sic bo, casino pokers, and specialty games.

Does it happen that you are a video poker junkie? Then you have landed the right place. All of Sun Palace Casino’s video poker games come with generous paytables, flawless animations, and even a double-or-nothing feature. What is also great is the fact that you aren’t limited to standard variants, as you can play most of the games in both single- and multi-hand denominations.


When you land at Sun Palace Casino, you will get access to a massive amount of games of all types. What is also great is the fact that support is available 24/7 through live chat, phone, or email, and the games are audited by TST, stating that they are fair for all players. There are also two cons against the casino: withdrawals may take upwards of a week and the TST audit isn’t visible to the public. Still, I would recommend this place to any player around here.

The game begins with a player who rolls the dice (in technical jargon shooter) and the other players at the table who bet on the numbers that come out or not before the launch of the dice. This first roll of the dice is called the Come Out roll and the bets are placed before the Come Out roll Pass line bets are called and give an immediate winner if the outcome of the Come Out roll is 7 or 11.

On the other hand, you lose your bet if the outcome of the Come Out is 2, 3 or 12. All other outcomes (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) represent the point: if, then, that the shooter realizes the point is entitled to keep rolling until you get the point number or 7, if the point number is made before 7 all Pass line bets win.

List the basic rules governing Craps let’s briefly analyze all the main types of bets.

  • Pass Line

pay once the betting if the outcome of the first roll (come out) is 7 or 11, otherwise you lose the post if the outcome is 2, 3, 12, any other result becomes the point again if made before 7 pays all pass line bets.

  • Do not Pass Line

essentially the inverse of the Pass Line bet. You win when the come out roll if you make 2 or 3 and is lost when the outcome is 7 or 11 if it is 12 is a tie (push) and the stake is returned, any other outcome makes the point and the bet is won if the shooter realizes 7 before the point.

Please note that Do not pass line bets unlike the Pass line may be withdrawn or reduced between the shots and come out later.

  • Come

The episodes are characterized as they can be placed only when the point was made and basically follow the rules of the pass line bets are placed only after having obtained a point by the shooter. In fact they are simply betting the pass line are repeated in a single session to launch. If the shooter (it is only necessary to point out that online gaming will be the dealer) makes 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, that point becomes the point of Come and Come bets are won if the shooter repeats the point as before rolling a 7. It should also be noted that the pass line bets are unchangeable.

  • Don’t Come

Basically the opposite of the bets are and how similar to the Do not Pass line bets. As with the stakes as well as for Don’t come as is the rule that can be placed just after the shot, which set out how is a given point. If the shooter makes 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, that number becomes the come point, and placed on the Do not Come bets win if 7 is rolled before the come point. Unlike the betting Come the Don’t Come may be amended between the point and the next shot.

These are the main bets in the game of Craps and essential to begin the game, then you have to remember that there are many other kinds of bets that we didn’t mentioned so your game won’t be too complicated this guide is made as an introduction.

Just remember:

The odds betting (betting that can be to cover up to a maximum of three times your original bet, can be either Pass Line odds that do not pass line odds)

(betting that can be to cover up to a maximum of three times your original bet, can be either Pass Line odds that do not pass line odds) The betting Field (which are charged according to the exact number made by the shooter)

(which are charged according to the exact number made by the shooter) The Big 6 and Big 8 bets (you bet that 6 or 8 will be rolled before 7)

(you bet that 6 or 8 will be rolled before 7) Betting Place Win and Place Lose (you bet that the chosen number, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 rolls before a 7 or vice versa)

(you bet that the chosen number, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 rolls before a 7 or vice versa) Buy bet (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, will be rolled before 7)

(4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, will be rolled before 7) Lay bets (you bet that 7 will be rolled before 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10)

(you bet that 7 will be rolled before 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) Any 7 betting (you bet that the next toss will be given 7)

(you bet that the next toss will be given 7) Any Craps bets (you bet that the next toss will give a given 2, 3 or 12)

(you bet that the next toss will give a given 2, 3 or 12) Horn bets (you bet that the outcome of the next roll of the dice will be a 2, 3, 11, a 12)

(you bet that the outcome of the next roll of the dice will be a 2, 3, 11, a 12) Hardway bet (you bet that the next toss will give a 4, 6, 8, 10 or obtained only with double numbers eg. 2 +2, 3 +3, 4 +4, or 5 +5, before getting a 7) .

Strategic Note: While the main bet of Craps winnings has an excellent return in the type of betting payout odds listed here have very different properties than we deepened in order not to dwell too much on details of little importance. This is why you should start with free games on asianbandar before you add a financial element to it.

You ought to understand that online gambling marketplace is considered to be one of the most rewarding web-based field right now. Currently thousands folks from all over the world select gambling at various betting house web sites, sport sites and more. In addition, today the online world provides even the opportunity to play lotto in different wagering web pages from the comfort of your house. In event you want spend time enjoying numerous games, then you should realize that presently the online world can provide you with excellent chance to complete this with no finding time to visit the conventional casino. And thus, web gambling is extremely appealing right now. To say the truth, there are loads of different benefits of playing casino games through the internet.

The very first advantage of internet based wagering is the fact that you could take pleasure in numerous card games without the need to get away from your house. If you’re a business owner and therefore don’t have enough time to be able to travel to the closest gambling house after working day, then you will certainly appreciate the opportunity of enjoying games using the net. As well, you should realize that there’re loads of different online gambling sites. Within virtually all cases you’ll uncover a large number of various card games upon these websites to relax and play. Almost all betting house web-sites present the most well-liked casino games like roulette, holdem poker, black-jack, bingo and many more.

One other great advantage of online bingo gambling webpages along with other gambling webpages is that you may reap the benefits of various signup bonuses. If you play games by going online you can attain free of charge dollars for you to gamble with. Numerous gambling house sites deliver a good assortment of bonus products for active and also newcomers. It’s like this because the web wagering market is certainly quite competitive today and therefore all gambling house proprietors are attempting make far more money. Presently you may attain different signup bonuses for enrolling in, getting online roulette gambling software and many others. When compared with brick and mortar gambling establishments, online casinos haven’t any policies to you to adhere to. This implies that there exists zero dress-code to meet. If you’re non smoker, then you will never become bothered by the cigarette smoke, that’s traditionally found in almost any brick and mortar gambling establishment. You may effortlessly have fun playing games in the shorts as well as you may comfortably talk on the phone, watch television and also do any other tasks that are disallowed to accomplish at a local betting house.

Besides, once you have fun with online blackjack gambling or other card game, you actually won’t be distracted from winning over the dealer. One of the primary attractions of enjoying card games over the web is you may accomplish this when you possess free time. To put it differently, you can conveniently wager on the internet once you’re on vacation and also in your office. Additionally, web gambling web sites are a wonderful place for novices. Some new players might feel diverted when having fun with casino games in traditional gambling establishments. But, cyberspace offers a terrific opportunity for all new participants to understand and also learn the policies of different games. In addition, you may identify a large number of online poker gambling web-sites providing you a chance to play casino games for nothing. That way you will be capable to understand the best way to have fun with playing card games without risking your own hard earned bucks.

However, if you are more into online betting and are looking to conquer new territories, then you need not look beyond sbobet Indonesia an absolutely amazing online bookie app which allows you to bet on your favorite teams and earn big based on your decisions and also have some fun in the process.

Winkbingo is making sure it keeps its position at the top of the UK online bingo charts this year. Online bingo players can expect to find the best promos and biggest prizes here at Winkbingo. The Wink Bingo team has put in every effort to give its online bingo players the best online bingo gaming experience on the net.

The Wink Bingo Welcome is the warmest you will find – a £15 Sign up bonus PLUS a 200% 1st Deposit Bonus, AND a 50% Cash Match Bonus on all further deposits. Wink members can also get 10% Cashback for losses made in the week. This Cashback is paid out every Monday.

You can get all the reliable and correct information from Pkv Games site review. It is the right decision of the players to have the best experience on the online site. The winning of more bonuses and rewards is possible for the reputed and licensed players.  There is the availability of the best experience to players. 

Wink Bingo has undoubtedly the best prizes offered by any online bingo website in the UK. From Luxury Cruises to top of the line Electronic Gadgets, Holiday Vouchers, Makeovers, Tiffany Diamonds, huge Jackpots and even a brand new car – the Mini Cooper. Wink Bingo bingo players have the choice of the best, most superior prizes and these are up for grabs in the special occasion promos as well as the regular weekly and monthly promos. Don’t miss the Full House and the MoneyBall, the two progressive jackpots at Wink Bingo.

The biggest online bingo event of this year thus far, the Wink Mini Bingo Playoff on the 22nd of February was one of the hottest in the UK online bingo circuit. The Winktastic Grand Prize was a smashing new Mini Cooper that was won in a scintillating face off game between the two winners of the Win a mini on Wink promotion game held on New Year’s Day. Also, Wink Bingo celebrated its First Birthday in grand style all through February along with its fantastic Valentine’s Day Mega Promo – Diamonds from Tiffany’s.

The jackpots at Wink Bingo have more than £40,000 in guaranteed prizes. That is a stupendous amount in guaranteed cash waiting to be won. Check the schedule for the 75 Ball and 90 Ball Bingo Jackpot games. Play the £2K Club every 5th of the month, £10K Club every 10th of the month, the £5K Club on the first Thursday every month, the £2K 90 Ball on the 30th of every month, and play £500 Risk Free bingo on every Friday. Play the mega jackpots too at Wink Bingo. The £1Million with £1K Guaranteed 75 ball Bingo plays every Friday and the £5 Million Club 75 Ball Bingo with £3K Guaranteed Jackpot plays on the 20th of every month. Wink Bingo has the biggest guaranteed jackpots totalling more than £40K in guaranteed jackpots in a month.

The monthly Madness promos have different themes but a steady prize of £1,000 every month. The Daily Delights dishes out a £150 guaranteed prize every day, all through the month. Win cool gadgets in the Hidden Treasures bingo game every Wednesday – Laptops, gaming consoles, MP3 players and more on offer here.

Wink Bingo has more than bingo going on. Play fantastic Instant Games, Casino Games or Slots or hang out with your Wink Bingo Buddies at WinkMe, the only exclusive online bingo Social Network. Bond over bingo, share photos, gossip, recipes, advice, and have a general good time at WinkMe.

If you opt to gamble online it’s really a fun and entertaining factor do as you will find a lot of forms nowadays to gamble. However, there’s the question of where you can gamble online in addition to, what’s the risk involved and it is possible to chance I possibly could lose? You will find also variations of gambling online that you desire to venture a wager for example offshore gambling, sports gambling, as well as free gambling. They are all choices for present day internet user who no more needs to hit the large casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo.

With the help of a stable and secure internet connection, you can start the playing at オンラインカジノ おすすめ site. The wagering of the real cash is possible at the right platform to have more rewards and bonuses. There is a need to pay attention at the choice and preference on online slots. 

Gambling Online

In the last couple of years, on the internet has turned into a big venture as well as an exciting type of entertainment where anybody with a web connection can enjoy any game that’s offered within the regular casinos. On the internet offers everything for example craps, blackjack, poker, roulette, as well as sports betting all done in the conveniences of home.

Playing Casino Games

To a lot of gambling aficionados, not like the internet experience in which you play casino games online. Its action packed excitement with both seem and visual effects available for the most part internet casinos. To gamble at casinos online, may it be allowing it to ride playing craps or sitting in a blackjack table for hrs on finish only the uncertainty and outdoors chance you can win large, offers an adrenaline hurry like not one other. Additionally to assist with strategy and rules that many casinos provide, whenever you play casino games online, there appear to become a lot more games to make the most of. Add the thrill from the lights and colours, and it’s really a excellent time in addition to a lucrative one too should you play your cards right.

Got the best Gambling Strategy?

Everybody that has ever gambled thinks they’ve the very best gambling strategy. However the simple fact is the possibilities within the houses favor. In each and every game, even when it’s with a minute amount, the possibilities always using the house. The very best gambling technique you can use may be the one which works for you the very best. You need to keep in mind that cheating isn’t a gambling strategy. It’s only a method to turn the advantage unlawfully. The effects of cheating, may it be online or in the casinos, ranges from getting started from an online casino or online playing room to hefty fines and incarceration. Remember – gambling methods are available, so that as lengthy because they are legal, it certainly does not hurt to try them.

What to do Came From Here

The numerous locations that gambling can be obtained are available using the various gambling sites available. From demonstrating places that to gamble online, for example offshore gambling casinos, to instructing you on how you can play various gambling games, for example craps and roulette, a gambling directory could be a good guide for anybody to consider when it comes to discovering where and just how to gamble online. The internet gambling world is big and when you draw entertainment of your stuff favorite casino game that’s half the fight and hey, you may also win large.

Many people that are new in the online poker games sometimes find it a bit hard to comprehend as a result of the fact that they aren’t seeing who they are playing against. But constant playing time would give such players the needed ‘feel’ of the gaming effects and provide more room for adaptations. With time, the play will begin to garner some winning tips and strategies that are necessary for the smooth play of the game. In all the tips you will learn in online poker, one you shouldn’t joke with is ensuring that you only stake an amount of money that wouldn’t cause you much pains when you lose.

In the beginning, there is a need to implement the best slot games tips. It will allow the beginners to collect more real cash and bonuses. The application of the tip should be at the right place on slot online to get more enjoyment and entertainment in playing of the slot games. 

If you are a beginner poker player, the playing tips outlined below will help you to get easily aligned in the game and start winning more of your gaming sessions.

  • The first thing is to research online to see at least 3 to 5 poker sites that are quite good and then settle with the online you can start playing on. Make sure the online gaming sire you chose is legitimate.
  • Any beginner poker that desire to master both playing and winning tips shouldn’t ignore the free poker games. This would help you to get some playing experience and try out the strategies you have garnered without risking anything. You can find many online poker sites that offer the free poker games.
  • After getting some relative playing experience, you can decide to deposit money in a real money gaming account but be sure that you have a budget on how much you are willing to gamble with. You should be careful so that the addictive and exciting mode of online poker doesn’t overtake your emotions and drive you past your set budget. The need for immense discipline can’t be overemphasized.
  • You should be ready to remain very focused while playing the online poker because it is the only way you can watch the moves your opponents are making and apply the counter playing strategies that will put you on the winning stream.
  • It is true that you should play online poker games with seriousness but you don’t have to play as it your live depends on it because the game is for fun and excitement. A lot of gamblers know that it is more thrilling to play for fun and excitement even if there are monies to be won. By the way, you might win some money from time to time but it is important to note that you may not win any substantial cash that could change your life.

  • Experience has shown that knowing when to fold helps players to avoid losing more in any gaming session.

You shouldn’t also fall into the league of online poker players that bite more than they can chew at any time. Be sure to keep things easy and don’t hesitate to back out if the game isn’t progressing to your advantage. That is the surest way of reducing the amount of money you would lose in any given day while gambling.

Are you planning to play in kadobet or other online casinos? That is an excellent idea to enjoy online while getting a good chance to earn extra cash.

However, you should knot rush things and put your bets carelessly. What you should take note of is to be mindful of such enjoyment to avoid undesirable consequences. After all, you do not want to lose a big chunk of your cash because of careless steps. That’s why you must remember these essential tips when playing in any online casino today.

What to Remember when Playing in Kadobet or Other Casinos on the Web

1. Find a Legitimate Online Casino

First of all, you should find an online casino where you can begin playing. The problem is, there are tons of casinos on the web. Some run on browsers and others feature downloadable apps.

But whatever you choose, be sure it carries official licenses from big casino organizations. That keeps you away from fraud online casinos that only rake away your cash.

Moreover, also consider the payment methods that an online casino offers. They should have a mode of payment that is accessible for you. And they should not slash a big chunk off your winnings.

That’s when you can consider your preferences, such as choosing between browser-based or app-based games. Also, pick one that offers the games you want to play.

2. Make a Concrete Game Plan

After choosing an online casino, the next crucial step is to make a game plan that’s suitable for you. Begin by determining the amount you can spend on the online casino. Be sure you’d use the spare cash that you can lose. Never take such an amount from your household or emergency budget. 

You should not spend more than your allocated budget as well. That is regardless of how big or small you win or lose in a given period.

Then identify the games that you want to play in the online casino. Avoid games that you’re not familiar with, especially when you’re just a newbie in an online casino. Of course, you can play those games little by little, but it is best to start with computer games that involve no cash.

3. Take It Easy and Enjoy Some Breaks

Lastly, do not carelessly play rounds after rounds in an online casino. It is easy to fall on such a problem when you’re on a winning streak. You’re also likely to fall on such a situation when you continuously lose and you want to win back your cash. But it is not advisable since it can put your budget and winnings at risk. 

What you should do is stay cool when playing in an online casino. Then you should also enjoy some breaks regularly. That helps you stay in a healthy frame of thought and keeping yourself away from mindless betting.

There you have it. Keep these valuable tips in mind when you play in kadobet or any online casino. They can guide you towards an enjoyable gaming experience while winning some fortune ahead.

I know from personal experience just how tough it is to actually play poker full time. If you have only come from a background where you have been employed then you may just find things even tougher. The variance within the game can be similar to many types of businesses where you can end up losing over any given week or month. I always feel that many of the skills that are needed to play poker full time are in-built and in place long before a player even makes the decision.

The making of the right decision is essential for the playing of poker games on daftar slot online terbaik site. The playing of the games is possible as per the skills and expertise of the players. A pleasant experience is provided even if you are playing the games for half time. 

I don’t think it is correct to say “I want to be a professional poker player” until you are fully aware of what that actually entails. Because the middle limits are very tough in which to make a living then you will probably need to play lower down the levels. Doing so makes the disparity between what you can earn from playing poker and what you could earn from a career too close. This would certainly be the case for graduates for example who could find a well-paid job between the £30k-£60k range that also had a pension and other benefits.

This is why I think that the majority of players that are playing the game full time are doing so out of necessity because they don’t have other serious career options in many cases. This certainly applied to me because my final years at school were something of a washout and so I left school with minimal qualifications. This led to a career in gaming which I ultimately left after becoming disgruntled with being passed over several times for promotion. Little did I know it at the time but that led to a successful change of career although I did have several false starts in between.

So the bottom line is that I arrived as a full time player not by design but by accident and necessity and I think that this applies to most players who play the game full time. The problem from my perspective was that all through my adult life, I have become disgruntled with certain jobs and careers when I have been doing them for too long. In some cases I have left jobs after a few weeks or months that I wasn’t enjoying. One of the key factors that prevent many players from succeeding at poker is “greed” or trying to make too much money.

The game itself will only allow you to extract so much money because as you increase the levels then your opponents will increase in skill, knowledge and sophistication. So to beat players at say the $1-$2 level in no limit Texas hold’em then you will need to be substantially better than you would need to be to beat opponents at say the $0.10-$0.20 level and so on. If you imagine poker as a sort of pyramid where the higher you go then the fewer players that you encounter but the tougher they are.

So do not allow greed or the desire to play for more money hinder your chances of success. There is a fine line in poker between not playing high enough for your skills and playing too high. You should curb the desire to want to test yourself at higher levels until you have categorical proof that you can make it. There are too many people who are gambling or shot taking as some like to call it for my liking. A good online poker player will be cold and hard in their attitude towards money.