While Best Casino Online generally focuses on those players who fall into the first category, this page concentrates purely on those players in the second group. So if you’re looking to find the best casino to play a particular game in, then we believe you’ll find the following guides very useful.

We’ve personally gone out played a wide variety of games in a number of casinos and believe we’ve found the best places for you to play – no matter what game you’re looking for!

How we rated the casinos

We believe it’s important that you know exactly what we were looking for when it comes to recommending the casinos that we do. That’s why below there are a number of general points that were very important to us when looking to rate casinos as a whole.

Each of the above pages will also feature rating factors which were relevant to the individual game in question.

Overall Casino Reputation

Although this might seem like a very general category, it is perhaps the most important. No matter how good a game is in a particular casino, we won’t be recommending it to you unless that reputation is well established and has a good reputation for being reputable and fair in their player dealings.


When playing games online, a casino is only as good as the software that it runs on. Nobody wants to be in a position where they’re continally missing the action becuse the software is freezing or where they’re having to re-start their computer due to the casino software crashing.

With that in mind, we were looking for a casinos that run on strong, reliable software that functions well, looks good and generally adds to the excitement of the game you’re playing.


We’re very much aware that a lot of our readers may be looking to sign up to a casino for the first time. Therefore, the quality of any welcome bonuses that these players may be entitled to is obviously important when it comes to recommending casinos. Furthermore, some online casinos offer additional bonuses focused on a particular game, which is ideal for those players looking to focus on one particular area of the casino.

Payment of Winnings

There’s nothing more frustrating than winning big at the casino and then being forced to wait weeks or months before a check arrives in the post. With this in mind, the efficiency of a casino’s cashier is of paramount importance so we only recommend those casinos that can pay their players using a variety of different options and in a way which is secure and fast.

If you miss visiting to casinos, there really is no other reason that casino online can’t be conveniently associated with visiting to that same place, but the fact is, there are indeed a lot of options available online that can’t be replicated to the digital match. It’s really fair to suggest that you lose a lot of stuff when you’re not playing games.


Claire Bennett is a self-taught poker player and is looking for different ways through which she can share her experience and poker tips with other enthusiasts.