There have been a number of new online casino games in the last few weeks. A number of fantastic new titles have been released in a selection of online casinos, such as Kerching. These include a collection of internet-only online slots games as well as a fantastic new mobile slots title. These releases are:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes online slots
  • Battleship – Search and Destroy online casino game
  • Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold mobile slots

Dungeons and Dragons – Fortress of Fortunes online casino slots

Dungeons and Dragons is the latest online casino game at Kerching casino. It is a five-reel, 20-payline online slots title and it is based on the traditional role-playing adventure. This fantasy title offers online casino players the opportunity to adventure through dungeons for cash prizes in an exciting bonus feature. Players have the chance to play a traditional game of Dungeons and Dragons if they receive three die symbols while playing on this online casino title. Online casino gamers can win fantastic cash prizes as they venture through a dungeon. Dungeons and Dragons is a popular online casino game and it has a number of fans. You must play these games on trusted casino sites only like to ensure that you will get the best out of it and so you can have an amazing gaming experience.

Battleship – Search and Destroy online casino game

Kerching Casino released Battleship – Search and Destroy in 2009. This online casino title is based on the popular naval game of strategy. Online casino gamers can try an exciting game of Battleship by receiving three Bonus images on the first three reels. Online slots gamers are taken to a 88 grid and must hunt down a concealed online casino fleet. Online casino gamers are given 16,000 credits if all five vessels are destroyed in fewer than eight shots.

Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold mobile casino game

The mobile casino version of Rainbow Riches came to Kerching Casino in May. This mobile casino game has 20 paylines and five reels. This mobile casino game has many elements borrowed from the classic bricks-and-mortar casino game. Some of these are:

  • Three classic Rainbow Riches bonus features
  • Sounds and images from the land-based Rainbow Riches game
  • The classic leprechaun figure of this casino game

Coming Soon

2009 is a brilliant year for online casino players. A number of fantastic titles are due to be released at Kerching Casino. The Transformers online casino game is just one of these slots. This online casino game is based on the classic cartoon series. The Transformers online slots casino game is released in June at Kerching UK casino. Visit Kerching UK online casino for more details.

Any seasoned blackjack player will tell you that winning it is not all about luck. But as much as you, and just about every other blackjack player out there would wish that it were otherwise, luck and random events still form a big part of the game. Here are some of the more common blackjack probabilities that you should be aware of and which you should factor in when formulating your blackjack strategy. Crunching the Numbers

It goes without saying that you want to get a blackjack when you play. That goes for just about every player all over the planet because, after all, it is the unbeatable and most profitable hand in the game. However, equating winning solely with getting blackjack will not be bringing you home the money or building your bankroll because you will be winning only 1.2% of the time.

It sounds foolish then, to wait for just that particular hand, even if it promises the lucrative 3:2 payout. You would be losing in the long run because that payout, even for several hands, would be chump change for what you had to wager and lose while waiting for the blackjack to come out. Play each hand as it comes, and do not be surprised if you go through long stretches without seeing a blackjack.

When you are into the play, make sure to blind out on what all is going on around you whether it is a small venture like Bandar bola online or a mammoth one like blackjack and the odds on who the winner is going to be depends on whether you are an expert hand when it comes to card changing in a flash without letting the opponent know.

You could then work on some more realistic hands. For example, a 20, with its numerous combinations, is a better and more easily achieved goal because you can get it a little over 10% of the time. You are sure to get one win out of about every ten hands. Even a 19 is favorable because it gives a 6.03% chance of occurring, about once every sixteen hands. Playing multiple hands at once may sound like a great idea, and yes sure enough, it will improve your chances of more blackjacks, but at what cost. Playing 5 boxes on a table, and experiencing a losing run may cripple your bankroll, so you should only play multiple boxes to improve your odds when the count is in your favour, or the dealer is having a particular bad run.

The Right Attitude

The best attitude in blackjack is to control how much money you lose while the cards are not yet in your favor, basically a strategy of damage control. Exploring other options such as doubling down and splitting can also help to maximize your profits at the end of the day.

Do not get stuck with the mindset that you will need to get the unbeatable hand ” the blackjack” to beat the dealer and, thus, get the pot. There are several ways to beat the dealer, especially since the dealer himself (or herself) is not impervious to bad hands and low cards. Couple your knowledge of the odds with some basic strategy and a card counting technique, and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised at how much you actually earn. Overall, the player who can “read” the odds and act in the right way will be the one to bring home the most money.

This is why experienced players know what to do, and how to do it ,and at the right time. Once you work out the correct move consistently, only then will you start to see dramatic increases in your winning sessions and ultimately, long term profits. Studying the game, learning and reading books is a smart way to becoming a winner faster. Free Tip: Good players do not wait for for, or rely on luck, instead capitalizing on luck when it occurs by implementing the correct strategy.

Some people are a little bit skeptical about signing up with bitcoin casinos, and this is very understandable as all new inventions or technologies must contend with skepticism. So, how do you choose from the vast selection out there? What makes the best bitcoin casino? Through the review, you can effectively choose the best online crypto casino.

“The answer to these questions may vary from one player to another. But there are typical characteristics that all good bitcoin casinos will have.” [Tweet this]


When selecting the bitcoin games you will be playing, and by extension the casino where you will be playing, it is important to consider a trust. Whether or not you can trust a casino will be determined by factors such as the casino’s reputation. This includes both the reputation of the casino’s software provider and the reputation of the casino itself.

Does the casino have games that have been proven to be fair? Does the casino have all the licenses it needs to have in order to be operational? If the answer to these questions is yes, the casino of your choice passes the trust test.


You need a casino that is NOT full of buggy games that never work; the ideal bitcoin games are those that perform optimally. The industry is saturated with so many new additions that some casinos rush to provide games to players and some of these turn out to be substandard.

You don’t have to test out every bitcoin casino trying to find the best one; simply visit review sites and get a clear indication of what other players consider good sites.

Customer Support

You also want a casino that will take you seriously and cater to your needs. Some casinos have very unresponsive customer care channels; either they take too long to respond to questions and concerns raised by members, or when they do respond, they rarely fix the problem.

Again, the best way to get a clear idea of which casinos will take good care of you and which ones have mediocre customer support is to visit casino review sites.

Bitcoin casino forums are also a good place to get this information.

Promotions and Bonuses

The appeal of playing online casino games is the promotions and bonuses that players can get. The problem is that sometimes these bonuses shouldn’t be taken at face value. Be sure to read the fine print so you can have a clear idea of exactly what you are getting.

There are, however, some bitcoin casinos that simply do not offer any bonuses to players. This may be tied to the fact that bitcoin players are anonymous and their anonymity can make it very hard for the casino to track who is getting the bonus and who isn’t.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time and his most frequently performed and can be fun, but casino gambling is fun when you lose, right? It would be great if I could win at blackjack?

Well, this article, I’ll do a few ways you can make your chances of winning at blackjack, and perhaps raise a few bucks, but you can say to do.

In blackjack, you have the best chance to win a game there. Mathematically speaking, the odds are exactly the same as the dealer, just because it has an advantage over you, really just because you can not see your second card. Compared to other casino games that already do well.

This gives you the best chance, you should make sure they are wise in Paris, after some simple rules. While his best times (there are ways to do it all easy to find), these methods will ensure that you can understand how you can do.

First make sure you are always standing by 17 or more. Mathematically, it has a better chance to beat the dealer stand on 17 or more, is not a card, you get a total of less than 21 but not below. You can create a “feel”, but if you’re an experienced professional ESP or something, you have no way of knowing which card will come up next. Use your head and not your heart.

Next, you should always have a blackjack table in Paris (leader) to your side if you’re in Paris. It is simply a table that tells you when to stop in Paris, hit, double down, split, or depending on what you as a whole and the total amount of banking. Since this is something that has to be physically with you, I really can not take in a casino, for fear of a security guard’s neck drove less, but should be easy to use with an on-line games randomly. You can find these anywhere online and are usually free.

The concerns in relation to Paris, there are ways to win the opportunity to increase short-term – for example, using the martingale method of Paris – but in the long run, this means that you prepared for a large loss of life-threatening.

How Martingale is that if you lose, you simply double your bet on the next page. Finally, if you win your bet was big enough to cover all your losses from previous cycles and more that you made a small profit to cover. What happens is that because of the Martingale casinos limits of Paris, which dictates the amount really focus on one point, there are times that the time you can double your bet.

With most casinos, you will see are only able to place a bet about 10 times that of duplication, if you talk in terms of opportunities the only means of successive 10 losses on its surface. This will occur on average every 38 hands, or if you have a chance of 2.6%, which is happening. These probabilities are very high for such a significant loss and therefore, I never recommend the use of Martingale … believe me, I found this the hard way myself.

This is the reason why most youngsters avoid going to the casinos and want to try out their luck through situs poker online as they feel that they aren’t ready for the big game yet because online ventures are not limited to 10 or 20 times regarding duplication as there are unlimited try outs while playing online whether it is blackjack or slot machine and people follow this advice to be on the safer side of the fence.

Other than that, there are ways that are guaranteed to increase your chances of winning in blackjack are, but have listed some of the quick and easy ways to find it. If you are interested in the hardcore stuff, just go online!

Did you know that in the list of most gambling offered by the casino one of the first positions will be roulette? Its peculiarity is that the casino flag will be high enough no matter what roulette is – American or European. Still, the player has a way to increase their chances of winning. To do this, you must adhere to certain rules and act in accordance with a strategy that will allow you to spend your competent bankroll. These rules and acts are explained briefly on

Learn the basics of the game

As mentioned above, playing roulette according to a competent strategy is a direct way to increase the chances of winning. So this should not be neglected by a newcomer, some of whom prefer to act by instinct, relying on intuition. This way to beat the casino will not help. And it will help to observe some basic rules.

Without a strategy, your position will be like a serpent without fangs as players have to have complete knowledge about what the game is all about because Russian roulette is arguably the most important one among all Agen PKV Games where you can know about everything from start to finish without letting the opponent know, which can be a practice of sorts before trying out for bigger rounds in the casino.

First of all, you only have to set the minimum amount and play only at external rates. In each round you can bet on black or red. If you are lucky, if you win, this rate will be paid at a 1: 1 rate, and 18 of the 37 segments on the roulette will be closed, so judge for yourself – it’s the easiest to win.

Second, bet on two fields and let those bets have the same size. Put on equal chances (odd or even, black or red) and on the bet, which is paid for a 2: 1 win. For example, let it be a black bet and a third bet to “closes” multiple numbers at once, and others twice. Or, you can put red on the second column, which contains eight black numbers, again to “cover” the maximum number.

Play European roulette

Playing real money roulette, you should never forget that it is the best bet for the European roulette. Its advantage in the casino will be half that of the American one, which is good for the player. And to maximize the benefits of a casino, it’s best to pay attention to French roulette. Most often, this figure is 1.35%: for comparison, American roulette – 5.26%, for Europeans – 2.7%.

Also, players wishing to win more often in roulette should take into account the rule called en prison (prison). It deals exclusively with odds odds (odd / even, black / red, etc.). It seems that in this case – for example, you bet on black, you put a sum of $ 10, and the ball stops in a black box, not on a red, but on a zero. So, your bet did not win and did not lose – it stays in the same place for another spin.

If, after the second round, the fate decides that the ball stops on a black field, then you lose nothing, but you also do not win any of your 10 dollars back to you. In the case of a red field, the bet is lost for you. If something completely unexpected happens and the ball stops again to zero, everything is repeated – you have a chance for another spin while holding the bet.

Many people think there is nothing difficult in roulette and there is no need for additional knowledge here. But, in fact, if you wanted to make steady wins, so to close the game session with a big plus, then this is a difficult task. Use effective strategies – just half the battle, helping achieve this goal will help the software special.

These are roulette computers. With their help, you can analyze the game process to make every next move as it should to win. The computer will tell you how to act, so the chances of winning are high.

All computers can be divided into two groups. The Conditional Division includes those painted for the stages of the player accordingly, the determined rate system, that is, suggests how much and when to bet and those who simply predict the most likely outcome of the round. These computers are recommended for stable roulette games. The principle of their work is to analyze the previous rounds, which allow such software to make the prognosis for the outcome of the next round.

Using the second category computer is optimal in casinos that work with small software companies. This allows the program, during the game analysis, to recognize the sequence underlying the random numbering algorithm. In practice, this means that the computer for running the game will be able to correctly determine the outcome of the next round.

Roulette Calculator

This computer is considered one of the most famous, belonging to the second category. It has several advantages simultaneously: First, it is free and secondly, it is not forbidden to use it in an online casino. The problem is that this program is not malicious to break the protection of gaming units – it’s nothing more than a smart assistant that performs complex calculations for the player.

Getting started with your computer The roulette calculator is easy. runs the program, the player will see a list of available casinos, from which he will choose the one that matches him / her. This list can be found on the right side of the window that opens. Why is it necessary to choose something from the specified list? All these casinos have in common is that the base of the work puts random number generator roulette, which means that this computer will work more efficiently.

Choosing the right casino you need to decide on the type of roulette you want to play. Then you can set everything up for you by setting the required parameters – the settings are left in the corresponding menu. All, now you can run the game.

The convenience of using the roulette calculator is that the player does not have to enter the results of each round independently. Data for game software analysis becomes itself in an automatic mode, and then displays the result in the form of the best optimal rates that it needs to do next. If you follow the program instructions then long game sessions can begin to bring good profit.

It is not that the aforementioned points are the only one to look out for because roulette calculator is a unique phenomenon that you need to have in almost every online match whether it is Agen Judi Bola Online or Situs judi and many others but what is important is the spirit of the game should remain intact and shouldn’t be tarnished as it is quite impossible to live up to high expectations in this trade.

The issue “How can you play gin rummy?” can be simply clarified knowing the fundamentals and fundamental rules from the card game that’s gin rummy. For individuals individuals who do not know gin rummy then you are studying the very best article that may educate you concerning the rudimentary methods and tips of gin rummy so the the next time you play this card game together with your buddies, they will be asking the issue how can you play gin rummy.

Some people get confused and excited when they hear about gin being associated with rummy but in fact it is one of the technical terms that come into play here so in this article we shall discuss about what exactly gin rummy is because rummy is an internationally renowned game that has different subsets with gin being one of them that you can find out at the renowned website but here there is going to be some relevant points up for grabs for enhancing knowledge.

Gin rummy is an exciting and fun game founded by simple rules, laced with strategies and twisted from your luck during the day. This card game normally needs 3 players along with a standard pack of cards. The truth is, the guidelines from the game are pretty straight forward and you don’t need to over strategized items to win. How can you play gin rummy is better clarified though if you’re able to personally observe how the sport has been performed. But nonetheless, it’s possible to easily keep the rules from the game simply by learning and studying its fundamentals.

How can you play gin rummy? Most likely the initial step you should know in playing gin rummy would be to understand the terms and methods from the card game. The primary purpose of each round would be to develop a set or perhaps a run. The primary objective of the sport is to buy as numerous points as possible because whomever players scored greater is going to be declared because the champion.

Sets may be the expression used if you have three or four cards with similar ranks (8 of spades, 8 of hearts, 8 of clubs and/or 8 of diamonds). Sets will also be known as groups. Runs may be the expression used if you have 3 or even more cards in same suit and most importantly in correct order (5 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 8 of hearts etc). Runs can also be known as sequence.

Gin rummy differs with other games meaning that even though you curently have an entire set or run, putting lower them up for grabs is illegitimate. The only real time you are able to show your card for your opponent happens when certainly one of you arrived at gin or knocked.

To “knock” is the action of ending a specific round abruptly. If you have two sets or a mix of a collection along with a run you’ll be able to steer clear of the game by knocking. The unmelded cards, referred to as

deadwood, from the player ought to be below 10 points before they might use a choice of knocking. Make sure to rapidly evaluate first all of the discarded cards and also the approximate quantity of cards left within the stock before knocking. Knocking isn’t obligatory and needed just knock if you feel the odd individuals reaching a gin is gloomier.

Whenever you join a blackjack table at a casino, certain rules of etiquette are expected. Many of the rules are common sense, but some are not. I have covered some blackjack etiquette in the past, but today I want to talk about advice.

Not everyone at the blackjack table is of equal skill. Not everyone has the same knowledge or grasp of basic strategy. Some might count cards while others don’t. Particularly for new players, it can be tempting to get the advice of others if you’re not sure what decision to make. They can even practice on some casino sites such as poker88asia to gain more strategy, knowledge and skills. But is that okay?

In short: yes. It is okay to ask for advice and it is okay to give advice. If you are playing at the table with some of your friends, there is nothing wrong with asking them what you should do. Likewise, if your friend is stumped, you can feel free to offer advice.

You can even feel free to give or ask for advice from strangers. You should, however, only give solicited advice. If someone is looking at his cards and is pondering his decision, don’t offer advice if he hasn’t asked for it. Also, if he asks for advice, make sure he is asking you or the table in general. For example, sometimes a player will ask the dealer what he should do. If he asks the dealer and you answer, that is a breach of etiquette.

Whoa, wait a second, so you can ask the dealer? Who in their right mind would do that? They’re your opponent. Many people won’t ask the dealer for advice for that reason, but if you don’t know what move to make and want help, there’s no reason not to ask the dealer. First of all, no one knows proper blackjack basic strategy better than the dealer. After all, it’s his job. Secondly, he’s not going to lie to you about what you should do.

The dealer won’t lie because there is a table full of people and at least one person there would realize that he’s giving you bad advice. That would cause problems for the casino and it would call the dealer’s integrity and by association the casino’s reputation into question. That is a lot to risk for a simple piece of advice. Since the casino still has a house edge even when you follow proper basic strategy, there is no reason for the dealer to try to deceive you.

So in short, you can feel free to ask the dealer, your friends or strangers for advice and if you know basic strategy, you can feel free to give advice to someone who asks for it. If in doubt about whether you should respond, it may be best to stay quiet. Also, only give advice if you’re certain what the best move is. If you aren’t sure or don’t have basic strategy completely memorized yet, don’t try to help someone because you may end up giving bad advice.

Another thing to remember is that if you don’t have basic strategy memorized, it’s okay to bring your strategy card to the blackjack table. If you do, then you won’t have to ask for advice. Also, if you play blackjack at an online casino, you don’t have to worry about the proper table etiquette, since you’re playing alone.

Those who work hard five days a week always look forward to a relaxing weekend. When the weekend comes, different individuals spend their free time doing the things that they love. While there are people who get satisfied by simply laying in bed the whole weekend or watch TV, there are some who gets involved in sports. Others take a short trip, go to art galleries, or simply play roulette online for fun. A lot of people often try to just stay at home and find some interesting stuff to do, in order to avoid spending the money they have saved from working hard.

Roulette Online for Fun and Not for Gambling

Gambling can be both fun and addicting. Several families have lost their entire savings for life from irresponsible gambling. Roulette is a fun casino game and a person who loves roulette can play roulette online for fun and not spend a single penny. If you are wondering how you can play roulette online for fun or a free online roulette for fun game and not risk losing your savings, then this article will explain it to you. Sbobet Mobile is the best way of entertainment for the gamblers. The placing of the bets is effective at the mobile phone of the players. The players will get ease and comfort to do the gambling from the home. It is increasing the benefits and improving the experience of online bettors.

There are several online casino websites where one can play different types of casino games. The usual games that these sites offer includes Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Poker, Slot Machines, Bingo, Keno and Roulette. It is pretty simple if you want to try roulette online for fun. All you need is a decent internet connection, a computer to get started, and knowledge on how to play roulette online for fun.

Finding a Website to Play Roulette Online for Fun

There is quite a number of online casinos that you will encounter if you are searching to try out roulette online for fun. However, not all websites will allow you to play for free. Remember that the owners came up with these website for the purpose of making an income. Thus, you may find it a little difficult to find one which offers roulette online for fun. With patience and determination though, you will just be able to find the right online casino which offers free casino games and roulette online for fun games.

As part of their promotional packages, most online casinos offer free games over a certain period of time. Some of them offer bonuses for those who sign up on their website, while others offer the opportunity to play various casino games to entice newbies or those who want to play casino games, like roulette online, for fun.

Since it has been mentioned that gambling can become an addiction, those who simply look for free roulette online for fun should make sure that they know when to stop. Some online casinos will require players to start paying a fee and play for real money at a certain point, after new comers to their websites have tried out their games for free. Think of it as a marketing strategy for the online casino owners. On your side as a player, think of the online roulette for free games that you can play as an opportunity to play for free and learn to stop when you do not want to gamble your hard earned money.

If you translate the strategy name into English, you can find multiple values ​​at once. For example, one of them says the pivot is a “key moment”. However, it is important not how this is translated, but how does this strategy work and can be considered effective?

The essence of the methodology

Now it’s impossible to determine who created this simple system – maybe there were many such authors. The method is based on the observation that not all numbers escape for rotation in the number of numbers on the roulette wheel. The number of numbers will depend on the type of roulette – in the US version there are 38, and in the European version, one less. If you take such a segment, then there will be a maximum of two-thirds of the numbers from zero (zero) to 36. This means that during a brief session certain numbers will decrease at least twice.

How does the Pivot strategy work? According to her, you have to wait until a number drops twice to put it on. With regard to bankroll, in the opinion of those who practice this technique, each cycle has at least 35 units. You can calculate the bankroll in a different way, depending on how long you are planning to spend on the game. While testing out this strategy is also easy with the help of

Game through technique

For the convenience of implementing the Pivot Strategy, we will analyze step by step all the steps. And do not hurry to start playing right away – first, allocate time for observation. Raise the table that is already seated and see what number falls on the roulette wheel. You can remember, but you can record, but it’s better not to paper, but to the phone. So you will not attract unnecessary attention.

do not mind to put this sector in equal quantities. If this number drops in the next 34 spins, then you win and if you lose 35th, you simply do not lose anything.

Do you need to check the numbers below? Yeah, look, what number will be dropped twice next to the repetition.

If it fails, then you have to put another number. With regard to rising rates, there are no clear recommendations. Each player decides whether to play for him at the same rate or raise.


If you take a 37-digit session for the European roulette version and 38 numbers for the American, then on the wheel, of course, not all numbers will give up. Some, on the contrary, will fall more than once. The player can not determine what numbers to put in anyway. After all, we should just remember the essence of roulette – it all determines the case, for a long time it has been mathematically proved that no rally is connected to the other.

Is it worthwhile to trust the Pivot technique? Of course, not like any other – none of the existing systems will be able to beat the roulette. It should be borne in mind that, for a long-distance, all numbers will decrease equally, whenever, provided the drum works as it should. However, no one forbids the use of this system for diversity.

Pivot technology has a significant plus – it’s very easy to use, it’s variable. But the fact that gameplay does not shine with variety is its lack, to put the same number from time to time, many may seem very boring.